A Guide to Getting More Sleep

It’s been proven how important sleep is for our bodies, and sometimes we don’t fully embrace that fact till we get a bit older. A lot of people today simply aren’t getting anywhere near as much sleep as they should be, whether purposeful or not. Sometimes you can’t always see the effects of lack of sleep which makes it even harder to fully appreciate. But the truth is, the root of many issues we have is in fact caused from lack of sleep whether that be feeling sluggish, mental health, or just getting your beauty sleep. Maybe you’re keeping late nights, or just suffer from bouts of insomnia. Whatever the reason for your lack of sleep might be, scroll below to get a few tips on getting more sleep.

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Remove distractions

Sounds can come from anywhere, no matter where you live. But, if you can identify the source of disruptive noises, you can do something about it. http://home.howstuffworks.com/how-to-soundproof-a-room has more info about soundproofing a room. Double – or triple – glazing can help keep out traffic noise, or loud morning wildlife. You can even try earplugs.




Make sure you unwind

Part of the problem many people have with getting more sleep these days is that everyone watches TV or stares at a smartphone before bedtime. Bright screens are not good for getting you into relaxation mode! They actually make your brain work a little harder, so it takes you longer to go to sleep. Instead, turn off the TV or phone, and go take a warm bath. Good quality pajamas are always a plus too. Read a good book instead of watching TV or find another way to relax. http://sheknows.com/reading-before-bed-good-for-you has more info about reading before bed. It will start to wind your brain down properly, and you’ll find you may get to sleep quicker. Also, make sure you have a good mattress and pillow set. Not only can it make a world of difference, but make it more exciting to jump into at the end of the day.


Get more exercise

A good workout at some point in the day can help you tremendously when it comes to getting some sleep. A lot of people hit the hay with way too much energy coursing through their bodies – exercise is a great way of working that all off! You can read more about effective workouts at https://defendyourhealthcare.us/shin-ohtake-and-max-workouts. Remember not to workout too close to bedtime, because this can have the opposite effect!


Track your sleep

Smartphones can be terrible for your sleep, but they can actually help you in terms of research purposes. Sleep tracking apps or monitors can assist with telling you how often you might wake up at night, or how long you spend in REM sleep. Many have various sleep issues without even realizing it, but by monitoring yourself you can pinpoint patterns and make a plan for not just getting more sleep, but better sleep.


Plan to wake up earlier

If you’re struggling to get good quality sleep, an earlier rise in the mornings might just help. It will take a few days before your sleep cycle starts to change, but once you set it in motion, you’ll find yourself getting tired earlier in the evenings. This is a way to reset your own alarm clock, and the earlier you go to sleep, the chances of a better, and longer sleep likely await. Also, waking up earlier can be a huge plus as well to getting the most out of your day.


With much more sleep in your life, you’ll be doing you and your skin a big favor!


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