A Day at Targe (tarjay)…

Remember the 90’s movie when a pre-buff, Labrinyth Jennifer Connelly gets locked in the target overnight with the guy who’s obsessed with her?
As a girl, growing up in the BIG CITY, some wish for fame,fortune; poking fun at the suburb kids who envy all the freedom we relish that they cannot have. And yet, I was the envious one. ‘Oh, if only I lived in the suburbs and had a Target’, I lamented. My mecca, my shrine to all things cheap, unnecessary, and awesome. I spent the last few years schlepping out to Jersey City, convincing myself it was a simple trek. Then something magical happened. Target opened on 116th and the Drive.While training for the Avon Walk last year, I used to start on 14th st, and walk all the way up to 120th on the water. My reward to myself when I arrived at my training goal? That beautiful red bulls-eye.
Walking in there is like being in the nutcracker.The music comes on, and everything comes to life.
There’s the effortless laps around the clothing sections.
The dance of the connected shoes, gliding effortlessly across the floor on the feet of so many girls, all while remaining connected to each other by a small, white, elastic string.
Next up is the screaming babies part; their hollering an interlude to the peaceful walk through the produce aisle…
Each act is another aisle, each section another routine.This is not just merely shopping, this is a game. A strategy. Each aisle must be scoured, no product genre left unturned. Sometimes, even diverting from the list can lead to something that sparks a new idea. And like all good routines, the show must always go on.
Last Saturday I went for my every-two-month run, with one of my best friends, the ONLY other person I know who can accompany me and not only tolerate spending 3 hours in there, but do it just as effortlessly.
This time a new act was written in the play.The approval of the Target credit card. She was a newbie. I was an old pro. I know how this story ends. Happily, but also $200 lighter, including a Zac Posen for Target dress, on clearance for $24.00.
a $4 pair of army green bermuda shorts
$9 gingham short shorts
$ 22 nude high heels, which I have wanted a pair of forever, and they do not look cheap at all
$8 maxi floral dress w/ pockets from the girls section. The only place I will allow myself to purchase a large
$5 frozen food for late night lazy dinners
and enough $1, and miscellaneous sale items to build an entire 99 cent store, and provide for a tiny village.
Later, I will review my receipt like a Spanish final, wondering what the hell I just did. But I never regret it. And I’m always happy I went. Bulls-eye!!!!

Gray or Nude?? Choices in the shoe aisle


Wide Open Spaces


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Leopard sandals and nude heels for summer


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