9 Trader Joes Hacks for a Stress free Visit

The time has come. You have to go out for your weekly grocery run to Trader Joes, and it begins. The anxiety, the panic; the sheer stress that a simple shopping trip to Trader Joes can illicit in someone. At least, that’s how I get. Who hasn’t seen that line and instantly felt their stress levels rise. A grocery visit to the mega chain may be necessary, but it can also be daunting without some easy Trader Joes Hacks in your arsenal. Long lines, obnoxious crowds, and other typical annoyances usually plague a shopping trip. But there are some simple ways to help combat the stress. Some you may already know, others, just a few extras to always try and keep in mind. The next time you head out to the grocery store, keep these trader joes hacks in mind for a successful, stress free visit.

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9 Trader Joes hacks and tips for a stress free shopping visit: 

1. Go deep. Head to the inside aisles of the store first to get what you need, then get online. You’ll prevent the headache of running all around the store like a maniac.

2. Work the perimeter while on line. Save the things you know to be at the perimeter of the store for when you’re waiting on line. Shop for what you need while you move through the line. You will save loads of time and be way more efficient.

3. Go early. The most simple of the all the trader joes hacks is this one. Always try to go early whenever possible. Anytime after 3 pm, no matter where the location is likely to be more nightmarish. So set your alarm, and hit the aisles early. Also always go at the start or beginning of the week if possible. There’s more stock of everything, and it tends to be busier on Sundays.

4. Take a partner if possible. Someone to work the list while you wait on line, and then vice versa. If you have access to teamwork, take advantage of it. I always find the few times I’ve recruited my husband for food shopping, it’s increased productivity. (It also increased stress towards him but that’s a different story)

5. Make a list before you go. It always helps to know what you need, and helps prevent extra spending, and mindless aisle wandering. Never easy inside Trader Joes anyway.

6. Always bring our own shopping bag. 

7. Take deep breaths. When that older lady is moving at a super slow snail pace in the cheese section, and the guy behind you bumps you with his cart, remember to keep breathing.

8. Check the sample kiosk. The sample kiosk always has a deal and highlight of the day, which is usually tasty too. Plus, they always give out free samples so satiate some hunger while you shop.

9. Don’t get on the express line. It’s a trap, and usually the non express goes faster.

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