9 recent horror movies you haven’t seen- but should!

Even without theaters making a comeback (unless it’s Marvel), the last two years have been big for horror. Fall 2021 alone was a bonanza for lovers of the genre. Resurgences of classic franchises were everywhere. From Candyman, and Halloween Kills, to the new SYFY Chucky series. But with so much to consume, there are likely other recent horror movies you haven’t seen.

The 2020 or 2021 horror movies that went under the radar, or past it all together.

Many more reboots await too. Including a new Texas Chainsaw movie, HellRaiser, and the final Halloween installment. But it’s worth taking the time to also visit these other films too.

If any of these are horror movies you haven’t seen, make sure to check them out!

The Empty Man.

One of the most underrated horror movies of 2020. The Empty Man should’ve caused more chatter. Instead, it disappeared amidst the chaos of last year. Only to be later discovered on HBO Max and the Redbox Kiosk.

At first, it seems to be a typical teen slasher. But then turns out to be something different. Part supernatural, body, and psychological horror wrapped into one. Though it doesn’t execute all its ideas perfectly, it does have some interesting ones.


With so much content this year, it was easy to miss some. That may have been the case with Seance.

The 2021 horror movie directed by Simon Barrett is one of the most enjoyable the year.

The almost all female cast is largely unknown. Yet each one has an on screen presence. Seance presents as a ghost story. It’s really more like a mystery and slasher combined. Even with a love story mixed in too. It’s original, and unpredictable. Something largely uncommon in these kinds of movies.

Seance is available on Shudder.

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Kristen Stewart is getting praise for her role as Princess Diana. But of all her characters in recent years, perhaps the most overlooked is Norah. The quiet protagonist from 2020 sci fi horror Underwater.

Norah is a Ripley for a new era. Someone we can root for who’s both heroic and empathetic. Regardless of the film’s popularity, Stewart proves she can play a sci-fi heroine.

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Werewolves Within.

Interspersed between all the reboots is some excellent, original content. Such is the case with Josh Reuben’s Werewolves Within.

Among so much horror this year, it could’ve been looked over. Instead, it turned out to be something special and light hearted to embrace. An under appreciated trait in these stressful times.

Before you dive into more new movies, make sure to watch this one. It’s available to rent now.

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Homewrecker is a unique thriller that nobody knows about. But it’s a must see for any 80’s or 90’s kid. A horror comedy filled with vintage pop culture references. From Girls Just Want to Have Fun, to a rendition of Lisa Loeb’s Stay, from start to finish.

The film’s vibe is illustrated with cotton candy and pink bubbly visuals that link scenes together.

Last year, Homewrecker was hidden among the free movies on Vudu. It’s now more widely available. Also streaming on Tubi and Shudder.

Slumber Party Massacre.

The update of the campy classic came out during Halloween. Yet, not as many horror fans saw it that should have. Turns out, the SYFY reboot is pretty good. Especially if you’re a fan of the original franchise.

Taking what made the original fun, and putting a modern spin on it. Even adding to it. Something 2019’s Black Christmas tried to do, but missed the mark.

Female led horror was important this year. And 2021’s Slumber Party Massacre is included on that list.

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The Rental.

The psychological horror, written by Dave Franco, is also his directorial debut. It tells the story of two couples who rent an oceanside home. And an idyllic trip that turns to betrayal, exposed secrets, and murder.

The Rental has a quiet approach. Up until the final climax. And while not a lot happens, it’s also effective in its point. A great cast also includes Alison Brie and Dan Stevens.

Despite that, the 2020 film didn’t make much impact. But if it’s one of the horror movies you haven’t seen, add it to your list. It’s currently on Showtime.

Advent Calendar.

With everyone busy watching the classics, many missed Shudder’s original, The Advent Calendar. And though many streaming originals are unmemorable, this one is an exception.

Although we’re about to welcome 2022, don’t close the door on this French holiday horror movie.


Some creative films take a specific kind of audience. Censor, a psychological horror that came out this summer is an example of that. It’s a slow burn that builds itself through imagery.

An homage to the exploitation slashers of the past. Films that were called “video nasties” in the UK. And Inspired by their color palettes and moods.

Censor may not be for everyone. But it’s also worth watching, especially for film lovers.

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Are there any horror movies you haven’t seen yet?

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