8 Things to See at Chihuly NYBG Before it Closes

The Chihuly exhibit at the Botanical Gardens has been open since early spring. Now as October takes us on a journey into Fall (not that anyone would notice with this weather) the beloved exhibit gets ready to close its doors. Chihuly NYBG, the world renowned artist’s first major exhibition in New York City in more than ten years consists of more than twenty installations, sculptures, and creations. All from his lengthy career, including his signature glass shapes, and colors.

Wandering through the New York Botanical Garden, (one of my personal favorite places to spend a day) only adds to the experience of taking in the artist’s work. Wandering out of buildings, and across a bridge, a boat lies peacefully in the distance. It’s static, filled with large, colorful glass balls, and shapes. This is one of the most effective pieces in Chihuly NYBG. Partly because of it’s beauty, and partly due to an aura it gives off. This art is as much about its effect on the viewer as it is about the piece itself. You’ll find this with many installations around the park.

Pieces like a turquoise marble sculpture fountain feel more earthy, and ethereal, while others seem to possess more of a messy, hectic attitude. Some even possess a real life, artistic version of how I feel inside, frequently. The real treat is seeing the Chihuly exhibit at night. In the dark, everything is illuminated, literally, taking the creations to a whole other level. But don’t take my word for it. There’s still time left to see it. The exhibit closes on October Sunday, October 29th.

Here are 8 must see, awesome things you’ll see at the Chihuly NYBG exhibit if you go, which you should.



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2. Boat of balls. 


 3.  Sea glass. 



4. Inside my Head. Outside, by the Courtyard Tropical Pool. 



5. Inspired sea life 



6. Medusa chihuly-nybg-medusa




8. Swans chihuly-nybg-1

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