Inspector Gadget : 5 Great Sports Gadgets to Try this Summer

 It’s hard to tell this week, but we are in the throws of a new, much warmer, happier season. And since it seems that Mother Nature is ritualistically skipping spring yet again, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about your summer regime. Summer marks a lot of changes, no matter what city you live in. People are friendlier to each other, everyone drinks outdoors, less clothes are worn, and maybe the most common of changes; we all think about how we look, and how we can be more fit. That’s why its the perfect time to think about all the new sports gadgets for summer that you can put to use. Whether it’s headphones to improve your game, or devices to prompt you to be healthier, fitter, or less slouchy, there are all kinds of technology this summer aimed to improve us.

1. Gioteck Headphones. We’re all constantly surrounded by status symbols, but one status symbol that has come complete full circle is the headphone. There was a time, not too long ago when clunky headphones were a sign of not being cool, or with the times. Clunky headphones were thrown away by the dozens, as everyone switched over to sleek, small buds. But on the heels of the huge news last week that Apple is buying Beats by Dre for BILLIONS, yes BILLIONS is the proof that this tech trend is all about the power of the big headphone. Gioteck, which offers the latest, and most innovative accessories for the gaming world is taking that trend to another level for hardcore gamers. The 360 Headphones, compatible for Ps3, xbox360, and pc/mac have forged comfort and function with comfortable headwear, noise isolating features, and clear voice communication. If you want the ultimate gaming, or sound experience this summer, check out the Gioteck site for the most innovative headphones and controllers.

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2. Lumo Lift. This inventive gadget is quite frankly, something I should definitely be using, not just this summer, but all year. The device, which is small enough to clasp on your shirt pocket, and jeans or pants aims to give you better posture by triggering a notice when you are slouching. Ingenius! By putting the gadget on power mode, sensors will gently vibrate to alert you to stand up straighter, or lift your head, in turn helping us all to make better posture less of something to strive for, and more of a given. Lumo Lift ships this summer. Sign up here.

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3. Finis SwiMP3 Waterproof Headphones. Yet another addition to the new headphone technology sweeping the world, but this one is not for gamers, or pedestrians wanting less noise but the swimmers. Revolutionary in that its one of the only pairs of headphones you can wear in the pool, this gadget transmits music using bone conduction audio transmission. Translation, now you can add twerking to your daily laps.

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4. The Misfit Shine. Although Nike and Fitbit are heading up the revolutionary new ways we track our fitness and daily routines, there are dozens of new products in the market, all geared towards similar ideas. The idea of fashion and technology blending has been huge in 2014, and one new product that represents that well is the Misfit Shine. This is a fitness tracker designed to record data, while doubling as an accessory piece like a necklace, or pin. While the pedometer tracks your walking, running, cycling, etc, an app allows users to set specific goals.

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5. Zepp. This summer, Zepp is the ultimate gadget for the sports pro or enthusiast. Zepp sensors, which cater to golfers, baseball and tennis players provides athletes with real time data on their speed, impact, and accuracy. This provides not just data to analyze your performance, but the knowledge to perfect and enhance it.

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