5 Valentines Day Ideas that won’t Break the Bank

5 Valentines Day ideas that can help you enjoy the weekend, without draining your wallet too. 

1. Frame a Memento. Find a special memory that resonates with you both. Maybe it was the first concert you ever went to together, or your favorite date restaurant. Frame the matchbook, card, or concert tickets, and gift it to your loved one. Unless they’re totally shallow and thoughtless, they will appreciate not only the gesture, but the ability to always remember a great moment in time. It’s proof that the sweetest gifts don’t have to be the most expensive ones.


 2. Make breakfast in bed. A small, affordable way to show someone you care about them this weekend. Whether it’s mom, dad, or even your bestie, get up extra early, and get those eggs going. Or if pancakes are your joint, get to flippin’.


 3. Cook dinner at home. A dinner out for two can be expensive anytime, but it gets even pricer during Valentines Day. This year, instead of killing yourself for that reservation, and spending a small fortune in a loud, crowded restaurant, stay home and make your own meal. But this time, the usual fare won’t do. Try something different that you can make together. Last year, instead of going out like we typically would, instead, we tried our hand at homemade pasta. We spent the morning in the aisles of Bed, Bath and Beyond, and by nightfall, we had our pasta machine, homemade fettuccine, flour, and other ingredients and were ready to go. Though the final pasta outcome may not have been exactly what we intended, the evening was. It’s a recipe for fun, without the fortune.


4. Take a one night staycation. This idea may be a little bit more expensive than the other ones. However, if you think about the cost of a pricey piece of jewelry, or one great meal for two out on the town, a mini vacation to your closest hotel room could pale in comparison. Although finding a reservation during this holiday could potentially be difficult, if you do your homework early, you won’t have an issue. Lock in the sitter if you need one, feed the cat, and pack an overnight bag. A mini staycation could be the perfect way to spend Valentines Day feeling like you’re a million miles away, even if you’re only just next door.


5. Make dinner plans for an off night. No matter where you live, whether the bustling city, or a quieter suburb, chances are, that awesome restaurant you want to frequent this weekend will be both busy, and expensive. For the younger, newbie couple, that high priced pre-fixe at the end of town could be the formula for a perfect night. To the more experienced, in both love, and life, a Valentines Day night in NYC, much like the Halloween parade, or the Rockefeller christmas tree is better spent celebrating at home, or better yet, another time. In fact, one of my favorite things to do is go out to dinner either the night before or after. It may still cost you a penny, but the experience will almost certainly be better, if not easier to reserve. Since this year, Valentines Day falls on a Sunday, you might want to ignore this advice, since odds are everyone else will be heading out the night before.





































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