7 tricks for a youthful glow at home

Everyone’s home and lots of our normal routines have fallen by the waist side, including beauty regimens and care.  Even though we continue to spend every day indoors, doesn’t mean we can’t tend to certain beauty routines or hacks that will keep our skin healthy. There are also plenty of natural ways to look younger or feel revitalized without cosmetic surgery or invasive treatments, which you can’t do right now anyway. With the right skincare routine and a few makeup tricks, you can bring back that healthy glow at home. This summer might not include vacations, and the usual galavanting around. But we can make time for ourselves, which includes keeping our minds, hearts, and skin healthy. So, here are 7 tricks for a youthful glow at home. 

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Regular cleansing routine

Even in quarantine, try to stick to a simple skincare routine. Wash your face twice a day and then moisturize. You shouldn’t over wash as this could dry out your skin. Consider investing in a facial cleansing brush which will give your face a deep clean. Don’t forget to wash the brush thoroughly after each wash and replace the head roughly every month. 


Get a good moisturizer

With moisturizer, it’s a good idea to go with a product you can trust. Right now it’s important to remember to moisturize so look for something with natural ingredients. These are some of the best natural moisturizers right now. Also, choose a moisturizer with an SPF as well. We may not be laying out all day, but even those short walks will give you sun so remember to put on sunscreen. 


Choose the right foundation 

Don’t go for matte foundations as they will create the opposite effect you want as they tend to stick to your skin like paint and wrinkles will appear more like cracks. Go for a smoother, non-greasy formula, or a moisturizing foundation. Take a look at some of the best anti-aging foundations.


Glowing Skin

For that next Zoom meeting, apply blusher in pink or peach tones. These colors

Apply blusher as well but stick to pink or peach tones, this will give your face a youthful glow. Use an illuminator as well which will also help to make your skin glow. To give you skin a glow, look for ingredients such as Vitamins C and B3. These both help to slow down pigment development in the skin which causes dark spots. Try an illuminator with Vitamin C such as No.7 Early Defence Glow Activating Serum


Bold Eyebrows

Create thick eyebrows with a soft pencil, a powder, or a combination of both. Thicker eyebrows give a more youthful look. Want to go even bolder? Plan to change your look once we emerge from our homes with something really different, like an eyebrow piercing. If this is something you’ed consider, check out this article for various types and styles. 


Flirty Lashes

If you’re feeling extra flirty on your next call, or just feel like doing it for yourself, add some drama to your lashes. Have a look around depending on your budget, for the best mascara for you. 


Stay out of the sun

Even though right now we desperately need Vitamin D, it’s still always good to be mindful of how much sun you’re getting. In many cases, it’s better just to go for some self tanning options, like some of these popular brands on the market right now. 


The best youthful glow is one that comes naturally, so don’t forget to keep on top of your self-care this summer. Let your inner radiance shine through.


Which of these tricks for a youthful glow at home do you do most? 

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