7 Surprisingly underrated horror sequels

Traditionally in film series, originals reign supreme. But every once in a while, a series surprises us with a sequel that even surpasses its predecessor. The most famous examples of this are Aliens and (for non -horror) The Godfather part II. It’s even discussed (with purposeful irony) in Scream 2. In honor of IT: Chapter Two arriving in theaters, I’m taking a look back at some underrated horror sequels.

I’ve never been shy in sharing my joy for under appreciated sequels. But there are also some horror ones that never got their full due.

Lets take a look at 7 surprisingly underrated horror sequels:

1. Candyman II.

Horror lovers adore Candyman, and with the impending remake, he’s about to make a big comeback. But its Sequel, Farewell to the Flesh gets mostly overlooked, and it’s actually good. The film has its share of gory, Candyman style moments, but the best parts of it lie in distinguishing man from monster.

2. Childs Play 2.

I adore Childs Play 2 and can watch it pretty much anytime it’s on. Not only does it have an underrated female horror hero, (she’s not exactly a final girl per se ), but there are a lot of fun sub plots that make it a fun ride. It might not have the original freshness of the first. But it stands out on its own in the franchise.

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3. Scream 2.

Some movies take time to grow on you, and (for me at least) Scream 2 is one of those. I haven’t always liked it, but in recent years and re watches I’ve grown to really appreciate it, and its role in the franchise.

4. Pet Sematary 2.

I’d argue that Pet Sematary 2 isn’t just one of the most underrated horror sequels. It’s even better than the recent remake which fell short of greatness. The film has some great scenes and a lot of its success is largely due to Clancy Brown. His role as town sheriff Gus Gilbert, is both scary, and funny.

5. Jaws 2.

I’ve never been shy about sharing my thoughts on Jaws 2, because it’s probably my favorite sequel of all time. It plays with the same inner workings of a typical teen slasher but with Jaws as the serial killer. Plus, it still has all that great John Williams music.

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6. Halloween 2.

Conversations about Halloween, and its reinventions seem endless. Yet it’s original sequel feels a bit overlooked. Because I rarely hear people mention the sequel but it does have some stuff going for it. Mainly that it takes place all in one scene which is kind of cool and picks up exactly where the first left off. It’s also a pivotal film to the original franchise as this one, (not the original) is where we learn of Lori’s real connection to Michael.

7. Warlock 2.

I consider my love for horror movie Warlock a guilty pleasure. It stars Julian Sands as a blonde, evil warlock and while the original is definitely the best of the trilogy, the sequel actually has some great moments.

What is your favorite underrated horror sequel?

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