7 Best Male Dance Scenes in Movies

The 90th Academy Awards are this Sunday night and as always some of the best films of the year will be both honored, and overlooked. This year’s nominees are from widely acclaimed films that feature a variety of genres; more than in recent memory. These include war, fashion, unexpected romance, and even horror. The awards show highlights the best performances and moments in film last year. Moments so notable, they bring to mind similar scenes from movie’s past. In Call me by your Name, one of the most memorable, circulated, and Gif’ed scenes is Armie Hammer and Timothee Chalamet during an energetic dance party. This brings to mind other memorable dance scenes in movies that are ingrained in our memories. Dance has always played a big part in movies, going all the way back to Fred and Ginger. Singing in the Rain is a classic, but does anyone remember anything about it besides Gene Kelly famously dancing on a lamppost?

Call me by your Name re-illustrated the subtle power of dance scenes in movies, but before this Sunday’s show lets take a look back at some of the other, memorable male dance scenes.

1. Tom Cruise – Risky Business. Is there really any dude dance scenes in movies more recognizable than Tom Cruise prancing around in his tighty whiteys to I like that old time rock n roll? The famous scene not only established Cruise as a mega movie star, it’s look and even style is still copied today. Women walking around in oversized oxford shirts as dresses with only undies underneath; clearly inspired by the ’83 classic.


2. Kevin Bacon – Footloose. No man angrily tumbling over cars, and wires in an abandoned lot has ever looked sexier.

3. Except maybe Tatum Channing turning wood shop into a sexy affair while Ginuwine’s Pony played in the background. Courtesy of the original Magic Mike, of course.

4. Jon Cryer – Pretty in Pink. Millennials may not ever know the beauty of the 80’s romantic comedy. But for those of us who do, few moments are more memorable than a love struck Duckie professing his love to Andi through dance. His performance of Try a Little Tenderness is not only charming, it’s one of the best male dance scenes in movies to date. Also, with the popularity of lip synch shows now, it seems a bit ahead of its time. Courtship has never been cooler.

5. Al Pacino – Scent of a Woman. The ’92 film is famous for giving Al Pacino an oscar, and one of the most notable phrases in movie history. But many would argue the dance scene between Pacino’s blind Frank and Gabrielle Anwar’s Donna is the highlight.

6. Armie Hammer in Call me by your Name. This doesn’t really need further explanation.


7. Ted Levine – Silence of the Lambs. Okay, I threw this one in there to see if you’re still reading. But who said all the best dance sequences have to be romantic, or even cute. It’s hard to discuss male dance scenes in movies without bringing up Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs. His self romanticized, creepy dance in the mirror  might be a lot of things, but its also a scene still talked about today. And that music.

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  • That’s a good list, but I can’t believe you left John Travolta out (Pulp Fiction, maybe?) It is said that John has a clause in his contracts that call for at least a little dance scene. And Tom Cruise is rumored to requiring a “running” scene.