Queen Bee's – Who gets the honey??

Lil Kim famously asked, “You wanna rumble with the Queen Bee?” This morning, while getting ready for work after hitting myself for missing yoga this morning, I, as I always do, turned on the Today Show. Usually it’s just background noise, but this morning, a segment caught my attention, and I actually had to sit down and listen while drinking my first (of many more) cups of coffee.

The topic was “Queen Bee’s” at work, and how alpha females are not only hard to work for, but they often promote and encourage men, over other woman due to jealously and a need to keep themselves, solely, on top. Having worked for both men, and women now, I was fascinated, and continue to be a bit ambivalent.

My current bosses are both men. I don’t think they’re really that much less catty or gossipy then women, but at least w/ my woman bosses, I got gifts on occasions, and got to talk about my outfits and our passions. It’s true, my bosses definitely 100% do NOT suffer from any jealousy in the work place, that I  know, which as we all know, happens between women all the time.
But on the flip side; women care, because in fact, they are women, therefore we are programmed to just care a little bit more.

And maybe me being a little more sensitive, I key into that detail.

I know when I’m Queen Bee, I won’t hold any women back, if anything I’ll find the ones that remind me the most of what I was like in their shoes, and then mentor them, and ride them, till they one day, get to do the same thing.  God, I wish right now, that I actually had.. the future me 🙂

What do you think – would you rather work for a man or a woman?

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