6:45 movie review: A sexy thriller in a time loop

The new film 6:45 is more psychological, sexy thriller than typical time loop movie. Just like Palm Springs, and Happy Death Day, it features a protagonist desperate to escape a repetitive reality. But unlike those films, there’s no real joy found in the monotony here. Except for one record day of intimacy that gives new meaning to the phrase, “lets stay in bed.” Read on for more 6:45 movie review.

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Bobby and Jules are trying to save their crumbling, yet passionate relationship. Attempting to reconnect, they take a weekend trip to Bog Grove. A seaside town filled with colorful, Victorian looking homes and a beautiful beach. But it’s also mostly empty. Gene, the Inn Keeper explains that beside being the off season, the island has a dark history. An unsolved murder of a couple visiting on vacation.

In an eerily similar way, a ruthless killer later ends the couple’s “perfect day”. One who suddenly appears out of nowhere to viciously slit Jules throat. And it is vicious. Then, almost somehow simultaneously, break Bobby’s neck with two snaps.

But when Bobby wakes up again the next morning, he realizes Jules is repeating herself. Soon, he discovers his fate in the loop. One his girlfriend is unaware of entirely. As the days repeat, he continually watches Jules get killed. Before getting murdered himself.

Only to awake at 6:45 AM again the next morning. Forced to repeat the same fateful day. No matter what he does.

It’s up to Bobby to figure out how to stop it. Because, as he’s oddly told by certain locals, he “knows what he has to do.” In the film’s final act, Bobby finally figures out what that is, and ends the time loop. But with incredibly disturbing results. Not all together surprising, but certainly shocking.

6:45 illustrates much of Bobby Paterson’s loop differently than similar movies. We do see the couple murdered repeatedly. And it’s pretty bloody too. In fact, so many times that we become desensitized to it. However, other parts of the loop we see are not through scene repetition. But with varying visual effects. Multiple screen images showing us different daily outcomes. Uncentered angles, and Brian De Palma inspired framing.

Jules and Bobby frequent various places throughout the town of Bog Grove. Including the inn’s restaurant, and the local bar. All featuring some slightly suspicious locals. Singer creates a dark mood. Bathing the town is various shades of noir inspired neon.

This psychological thriller horror touts the idea, what if your perfect day became a nightmare? But in truth, 6:45 is more intense than that. At heart, it’s a story about love, passion, betrayal, obsession and grief. At times, an raw look at a relationship. Wrapped in the guise of a time loop movie.

It’s also a labor of love by it’s creators. Director Craig Singer, and writing partner Robert Dean Klein worked on the script for almost a decade before seeing it hit the big screen. On top of that, stars Angie Duke (Jules) and Bobby (Michael Reed) are a real life couple. Cleary lending itself to the movie’s effectiveness at times.

Bobby and Jules are go through all the emotions and moments of a real couple. Some of their scenes are, at times, brutal to watch. Yet other ones showing the beach town itself are picturesque. 6:45 was shot during the pandemic in Asbury Park, NJ. The film’s set also supposedly had some recounts of creepy, unexplainable moments. Though a cynic might think this was Singer’s idea of creating some added suspense.

Either way, it’s worth finding out.

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