6 Walgreens Essentials to bring on a Destination Wedding Weekend Trip

It’s beyond official that in this chapter filled life, one specific chapter has begun to reach it’s peak. It wasn’t too long ago that I heard my D.C. and other friends talking about all the weddings they were going to, but I didn’t have nearly as many to attend. That has begun to change, with newly married couples and engagements trending all throughout my different groups.

This weekend I’m going on one of the most popular types of weddings to attend; the destination wedding. One of my closest friends, a NY transplant for 10 years who just moved back West with her fiancee. It’s a quick trip to the Coronado Marriott, and considering half of Manhattan will be there, it’s sure to be a fun night. Packing shouldn’t be too daunting this time around, as I plan to pack light. Yet, like any trip, there are certain essentials that you cannot leave home without.

For a wedding weekend out of town, a quick trip to Walgreens to grab all my essentials for attending the big day on Saturday is a must. Of course, these would differ depending on each person, and the type of wedding. But here are 6 essential items you should be sure to have the next time you take off for a wedding weekend.

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 1.Wrinkle Releaser. There’s nothing I love more then the travel size section at the Walgreens or Duane Reade. You can actually find really good deals on some items that come in a pretty reasonable size. For my weekend, I only needed a small supply, so I headed right for my favorite section. My first find was a travel size Downy wrinkle releaser. It’s a perfect fix for helping with those creases in his suit, and your dress that are hard to avoid when unpacking.

2.Tissues. I grabbed a small sized tissues to keep in my bag for the night of the wedding for obvious reasons.

3.Small pack of Advil. You’re going to want to keep at least a few advil in the bag you carry to the wedding, or at least have nearby. Depending on how much fun you have that night, you’re sure to need something to help with your amiability for breakfast the next morning.

4.Bandaids. Even though weddings go fast, they feel the longest on our feet. There’s a reason flip flops are one of the most popular wedding favors to give out to guests. The last wedding I attended, I held out as long as  I could, but ultimately that ubiquitous end of the night bare foot came out. This time around, I’m actually wearing Rockport shoes that don’t look anything like Rockport, and supposedly they’re comfortable. But still going to throw some bandaids in my bag, just in case.

5. Wedding Card. Don’t forget the card when you head out! I have always enjoyed the dance we do with the card shelves before we pick out our favorites for each season or holiday we’re celebrating. I don’t just grab and go. I like to read a few, peruse some humorous ones, and then pick from the best. I loved this one because it seemed a little unique, and fitting.

6.Lipstick. Any good party night deserves a great lip, and a wedding is no exception. I love the look of a dark tan, shimmery pink light makeup and dark red lips. It’s unexpected, sexy, yet subdued. I have been digging this new dark red lipstick from Vincent Longo. There are also some great options at Walgreens too, like this one from Rimmel for only $5.

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