6 Savvy tips for picking out an outfit

You’re not one to follow the trends. Expressing yourself through clothes is something you love even if your choices are sometimes unique. Plus, you love finding finishing touches to every outfit. Do any of these sound like you? We all have our own, individual style, even those who don’t get excited by fashion. But everyone, sometimes, (even fashionistas) can struggle with outfit choices. What do I wear today is a universally asked question. So here are six savvy tips for picking out an outfit for any morning.


1.Check sizing

Shopping online has a lot of pros. But one con is that it can be difficult to find your appropriate size. Most sites have a guide you can use so that you know you’re making the right choice. Plus a lot of online clothing boutiques have a ‘contact us’ page whereby you can ask any questions or give feedback on the products you have purchased.

2. Always know the weather

It seems pretty simple, but it’s one of the easiest tips for picking out an outfit appropriate for the day. However you do it, asking Alexa, googling your area, or just looking out your window (what a novel idea!), its the best way to get a gage for your style that day.

3. Dress for the occasion

It’s not necessity, but dressing for a specific occasion always helps in choosing the right outfit. Obviously this will differ depending on what you’re doing. An important work meeting might call for a more serious trousers and jacket look. A night out with friends, or a partner however might bring out a more playful, or personal style.

4. Check with friends

One of the best tips for picking out an outfit is to crowd source, in some instances. By checking with friends, or even posting online, you can find ideas, and get feedback on looks you might be contemplating.

5. Don’t discount your comfort

Measure your outfit choices not just by how they look, but how they feel. Being happy with your look is of course important but if you’re not comfortable, mentally or physically, it really doesn’t matter.

6. Feel good in your own skin

Once you’ve found something that makes you feel good on the outside, make sure you feel good on the inside too. The most important facet of personal style is to always feel confident in not just what you’re wearing, but your own skin too.

What are some of your best tips for picking out an outfit?

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