6 Reasons to stay Local on Labor Day Weekend in NYC

Typically in the summer months, and especially during holiday weekends, there are more New Yorkers off the island, than on it. And I used to be one of them, treating those 3 day weekends, especially Labor day, like the messiah. A special treat we all await so that we can escape our routine for ‘something exciting’. Something we can pack for, make to-do lists about, and then promptly post all over Facebook. But as I’ve gotten older my feelings about labor day weekend in NYC have shifted.

I started to realize something exciting can await you right here on Manhattan, depending on your partner in crime, and your perception of adventure. I’ve started building an appreciation for those special, serene weekends IN the city. The ones where the island is so quiet and yet still bustling with tourists; leftover remnants from summer’s season. Soon that brisk change in the air will be a breeze which will take the tourists with it, while the locals return to their daily routines.

In the meantime, while the city is yours, go take it. Explore a hidden street, enjoy a delicious dinner, or try a trendy food that you’ve seen all over Instagram. The typical long lines, and buzzing wait will likely decrease and you can take full advantage of a less crowded city. Even though we’re a bit into the weekend, there’s no reason you can’t start now. The best part about New York City is that no matter what you do, or how long you’re ‘away’, she always welcomes you back with open arms. And lots of adventure, right at your fingertips.

1. You can go somewhere trendy with less hassle.  Dominique Ansel’s cookie shot, matcha lattes; oversized milkshakes…No matter what fantastic foods you see on your Insta account, the chances of you getting your hands on it aren’t as easy as you might think. That’s why, if you’re spending labor day weekend in NYC, find yourself a photogenic sweet and tell your own tasty story.

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Churro Cone, Chikalicious Dessert Club 

2. Exploring the city for cool graffiti and images will be easier. Start with the brand new Bowery Wall, which is a site to be seen. The less photogs surrounding the wall, the better for your view.

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3. The Washington Square Park outdoor art fair. A beloved, annual Labor day event showcasing artists from around the metropolitan area, nation, and world. All attendees are welcome to the showcase, which starts on East 13th street and continues along the east side of Washington Square Park. The free event welcomes tourists, locals, art lovers, and anyone else that may want to visit.

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4. National Pizza day can be enjoyed at the best Pizza joints in the world. National Pizza day is September 5th, and where would you rather be to celebrate it than the place where they do it best. Spend the day wandering around the best NYC pizza has to offer, and rate different spots and locales like an Olympic judge.

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5. Scoring easy Saturday night movie tickets. Plus, enjoy a quieter theater, (although I actually prefer a crowded theater).

6. You can have a cool vacation staycation. You don’t have to necessarily live in Manhattan to enjoy a staycation type of overnight stay. Live like a local for the evening and enjoy the city from behind the doors of your hotel room.

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