6 Reasons to go Back and Watch Garry Marshall’s Classic Overboard

In light of the sad news today that director Garry Marshall had passed away at 81, it seemed only right to honor him by celebrating some of his timeless, and hilarious classics. The famed director is responsible for some our most beloved movies, classics I grew up on, and even though most of today’s youth may not know them, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t bask in their greatness.

So go into your film arsenal, head to Netflix mail service, Amazon Prime, or wherever you get your ‘older movie’ fix, (provided you’re over 25, and actually care about older movies), and type in Overboard. The ’87 comedy classic directed by Marshall stars Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell as two people from two very different worlds who come together under super awkward circumstances and of course, spoiler, fall in love. It was one of my favorite movies growing up. Actually, it kinda still is, and it pains me to think that an entire generation of people will never even know it existed or care. It may not have any Oscars, but here are six very valid reasons to check out the classic Overboard.

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1. It’s totally underrated. In fact, I was just talking about doing a review of this for the new generation. It wasn’t nearly ready but in light of Marshall’s passing today I felt compelled to post early and show my allegiance to the brilliant director. The older movies still hold up, including this one. It’s not only one of my favorite Garry Marshall movies, but one of my favorite comedies period. It has some great lines, authentic chemistry from its actors, and killer 80’s style that could still be relevant today.

2. The movie still holds up. As long as you forget that if you think about it, what Kurt Russell did is pretty fucked up, and illegal, than Overboard is a light, fun romp. But other than, it still basically holds up. Single dad and carpenter Dean Proffitt collides with yacht owning, rich bitch Joanna Stayton. When she later winds up in the water with no memory of who is she, he takes advantage of the situation by stealing her, and forcing her to be wife and mother to him and his 4 motherless kids. But not in a creepy way. Then, like so many awful characters in movies before her, Joanna changes for the better. and winds up falling for the blue collar family. Today, in 2016, we have Single Dad Seeking on TLC.

3 .Goldie Hawn’s style. Joanna Stayton is without a doubt an underrated style icon of movies. I could go on and on, and I will, but for now, I’ll just mention a gold fringe shouldered nautical jacket, and some VERY memorable accessories to say the least. I still remember feeling naughty as a little kid watching her angrily strut around her boat in a thong, zebra one piece. The suit looks like something you’ed see on an Instagram selfie today, proving style is always cyclical.

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4 . Who can forget that classic Wonders of the World Miniature Golf course??! 

5 . The chemistry of the onscreen couple’s early days. Pre grown-up Kate and Oliver, a glowing Goldie shined on screen, and in this little gem, her and partner Russell exude not just chemistry, but genuine love. Love that they still, unbelievably have going on today. Only more credibility for Overboard!

overboard, old movies, classic movies, gary marshall, gary marshall movies, movie reviews

6. Terrific tiny side roles. From overbearing rich mom played by Who’s the Boss favorite Mona to scoundrel husband Grant Stayton III; the late Edward Herrmann, there are also some great supporting characters. I can find a way to implement “we’re at sea, and at sea Im a god” into conversations to this day. Now that’s skill.



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