6 cool apps to take camping


In a Covid world, camping can be a great excursion if you’re desperate for a change of scenery. It’s quiet, relaxing (for some) and being outside always feels good. But you’ll need to also be prepared. Here are 6 cool apps to take camping. Make sure to download them before your next trip.

Read below for the 6 apps to take camping:

1. iOverlander

iOverlander is a large database of information for travelers and overlanders. Here you’ll find useful categories such as restaurants, hotels, camping info, and nearby activities. Because every place includes photos and details of the amenities, it’s simple to find what you need.

Using the iOverlander app you can record your travels, share tips, connect with travelers, and browse maps. It’s suitable for use across the globe. Plus, there’s plenty of support to ensure that you have the best camping trip.

2 . Wiki Camps USA 

The Wiki Camps is one of the best apps to take camping. Because it offers a large database of caravan parks, backpacker hostels, campgrounds, and more. Wiki Camps is currently available for Australia and the UK, as well as America and Canada.

Using this app you can check the weather forecasts, photos, and site amenities, to choose the right campsite for you. A few of the best features include satellite dish tools, a camper forum, and camping checklists. The camper forum is a also great tool to get advice about cool camping activities.

3. AllTrails

A camping trip is a perfect occasion for hiking, and with the All Trails app you can find the best hiking spots. Whether looking for a bike route, a running route, or a child-friendly hike, the app has plenty of options. You can also find trails within National Parks or trails in rural locations.

The application includes reviews from a hiking community and various types of maps. So, whether you need offline maps, GPS, or topo maps, All Trails has lots to choose from.

Hiking is one of the best ways to stay fit while traveling, you’ll boost your endorphin levels and make the most of the great outdoors.

4. Fishbrain

Want to fit in some fishing on your camping trip? Then you need the Fishbrain application. It gives info on the best fishing spots. It also allows you to log your catches. You can access forecasting tools, and connect with other fishing enthusiasts as well.

Keep track of your catches, and take advantage of the ‘Species Recognition Tool’. There’s a huge community here, all exchanging fishing tips. So becoming a part of it can help with lots of tips and advice.

5. Trail Chef 

The Trail Chef app has lots of great recipe ideas that you can try out. It allows you to create customized recipes, plan a menu, get nutritional info, and more. You can also use Trail Chef either online or offline.

All recipes are easy to follow, with simple instructions and clear pictures. Input the activities you’ll be doing on your trip, and the app will make suggestions based on how many calories you need. These recipes are grouped into special categories, so then it’s easier to find what you need.

 6. National Park Trail Guide 

The National Park Trail Guide will help you find the best national parks. The app offers info and hike descriptions for some of the most famous National Parks out there. A few of the parks include Rocky Mountain, Grand Canyon and Zion.

Search for the best hikes using star ranking, and get advice from the community. You can check your position on a satellite map, so there’s no chance that you’ll get lost. If you lose a signal, it’s easy to access the data offline.

Use this app to plan an ideal trip. Sorting by everything including camping needs, hike difficulty, and guided tours. Other features also include:

  • Monitor your hikes and make to-do lists.
  • Use GPS to save on battery life.
  • Get advice on kid-friendly hikes.

Before you set off on your camping trip ensure that you do plenty of research on your chosen destination and activities. The more info you have, then the easier it is to plan a seamless trip.

For more information, all on things camping be sure to check out outdoorcommand.com.

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