BeeFive: 5 Indoor Essentials for Snow Storm Jonas this Weekend

Snow storm Jonas has hit. The weatherman were actually right. After massive lines at Trader Joes bottle shop, Whole Foods, Duane Reade and just about every other grocery store, everyone has officially hunkered down indoors with their respective snow buddies. Here, we’re planted on the couch and floor. Me, wrapped in my Vera Bradley blanket that I drape myself in every night with laptop in hand. Him, on the floor, shifting around collage pieces like a puzzle, and photographing new art ideas. An artist doesn’t stop working just because there’s a snowstorm outside. No matter how you relax, whether Netflix and chill, or actually watching a movie and chilling, here are five essentials for surviving Snow storm Jonas this weekend from the inside of your home.

 1. A Good Book. As the new year began, I started reading Big Magic, but of course, several days in, I was already behind in my reading goals. It’s important to try and take the time to do things important to us, and I want to spend 2016 learning how to implement that into my life. With the blizzard outside, it’s the perfect opportunity to start something, or in my case, pick it back up.

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2. A Good Bottle. What’s better when there’s a storm outside your window, then cozying up with something warm inside. In this case, a bottle of red wine. But you pick your poison.

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3. A Cozy wrap. Everyone has that favorite thing they use to get comfortable. One item that is essential to a good couch lay, or a lazy Saturday in bed. For me, it’s my Vera Bradley printed blanket. Ever since I received it at their Spring 2016 preview, I’ve been obsessed with it, and every night, at some point, it becomes essential. A storm like this requires a majorly soft, cozy blanket so wrap up in your favorite one. Or shop mine.

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4. Comfy Clothes. A weekend inside requires comfortable clothing for lounging. In today’s world, it’s almost imperative that we keep some ‘cozy clothing’ in our closet, not just for snow days, but work from home days, errands, and everything else. Athleisurewear is a huge trend, and brands like Betabrand and Everlane are pushing the notion that well made and stylish clothes can be comfortable. This weekend, I’m living in my Agnes and Dora fleece leggings

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5. Comfort Food. Nothing tastes better on a cold, wintry day than a hearty meal at home. Homemade, or half homemade, whatever your preference, whip up warm soup, or create a feast that pleases the palate and keeps your belly warm. If you need some inspiration, here are a few ideas for butternut squash soup and macaroni and cheese. Now, mangia!

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