The BeeFive: 5 Things ~ Celebrate Jason Voorhees on Friday the 13th

Like all true horror fans, I smile a little contently when we land on a Friday the 13th. To some, it’s just another day, to others, a superstition, and to a special few like myself, a day to rejoice in a little horror mania, and a little Jason Voorhees. What is it that makes that horrific, hockey-masked monster so appealing to so many? I truly don’t have the answer. But I do know, for some reason I’ve yet to determine, I love horror movies, especially the Friday the 13th series. Horror fans have all sorts of varied tastes, but one thing they all share is a passion for that genre of film. Theaters hold late night screenings, and clubs can be found around the city to satitate those passions. And if you love the famous masked man, there are endless ways to let your Friday the 13th flag fly today! Here are five to get you going.

1. Support the Friday the 13th Kickstarter game. Why wait for a Friday the 13th to come on the calendar, when you can celebrate Jason Voorhees every day! For Jason fans, this is a dream come true and apparently from the looks of it, the dream is alive. The video game is already over its goal, with 10 hours still to go! Find out more and donate to the cause here.

2. Dress the Part.¬†T-shirts, posters, prints, and even nail art are just a few of the ways you can show off your Voorhees vibe. In the old days, all fans had was a scouring of the internet. Now, we have an even easier way; its name is Instagram. It’s the best place to find not only the things you love, but the other people who love them too. And same rule applies for horror fans. One of the coolest things I’ve seen is this art print by Cavity Colors. The unique piece aptly titled Camp Bloodsicle is acrylic and ink on wood, and goes on sale today at 5pm!

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3. Spend the night with Jason. What better way to celebrate than with a Jason movie marathon. AMC channel is having what they’re calling a Fri. the 13th marathon, (although I don’t think 1-3, and then the ’09 remake constitutes a marathon). If you live on the west Coast, the Beverly Cinema will be screening movies all night long, and this ones a bit better. It begins with one of course, and commences with 8, Jason Takes Manhattan.

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4. Or even better, watch Crystal Lake Memories.¬†Disclaimer: This is for SERIOUS Jason fans only! The comprehensive documentary features interviews, unseen footage, clips, and much like Never Sleep Again (the Nightmare on Elm Street documentary), it dissects and explains each, yes each film in the series. The 2 disc DVD clocks in at just about 7 hours long; perfect for a long, cozy weekend indoors. I know where I’ll be tonight, and tomorrow.

5. Get excited for the next Friday the 13th in the series. No empassionated group of people are an island, and horror film buffs, like just everyone else need to commiserate about their ideas, opinions and art. One of the more popular topics among that aforementioned group, and many popular horror fan sites is the revival of the new Jason movie, slated for release in 2017. To get a head start on the new series, head over to TrueHorror where they’re talking about where Jason should go next.
friday the 13th, jason voorhees, friday the 13th series, jason movies,

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