5 Updated Trends to keep for fall 2014

Trends, as we all know, come and go. They are capable of lasting several seasons, yet their demise always comes, until they’re resurrected again, several years later. In fall 2014, and always, I am typically not one for trends. Although I do love the latest issue of Vogue, I value the difference between a fast fading trend, and a stylish mainstay. Sometimes the best trends wind up being the ones that weren’t trends to begin with. And other times, you can literally watch a trend transform from one season to the next. In fall 2014, we saw some long lasting trends, surfacing in new, updated ways. Hats remain popular, but we begin wearing them a different way. And the rise of the “ugly shoe” continues on, as the birkenstock turns to the clog. Prints are given an update, as well as the popular, and my personal favorite, the slip on sneaker.
5 Updated Trends for Fall


Shift dress

Être Cécile low top

Skinny pants

Vans shoes

Birkenstock shoes

Dansko clog

Panama hat

Eugenia Kim vintage hat

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