6 Ways to Throw a Successful Baby Sprinkle with Luvs

This post is in partnership with Vocalpoint and Luvs. All ideas and opinions written and expressed are my own.

As we get older, our facebook feeds go from Sunday Funday, to sunday bottles, and late night shenanigans become late night feedings. It’s the somewhat natural progression of our lives that at some point, we make that switch over to new territory and foreign land. I have yet to stamp my passport on that destination, but the majority of my friends have, as is clearly indicated by my facebook feed. And while I watch, still somehow in amazement as my own life, and the lives of my friends around me change, I realize that the space between me and mama may not be so long and winding after all. When we have that first baby, everything is new, and amazing. Each step, burp, movement is worthy of a national celebration, and any cough or sniff is cause for concern. But I’m slowly starting to notice the changes that happen when women, already pros, move on to tackle baby #2. When one of my best friends told me she was pregnant with her second; a little girl, I knew I would soon see that metamorphosis again. Luvs knows those changes well too. They also know that a new baby in the family can bring more responsibility, more things, more joy, but also, much more experience. I partnered with them to celebrate all the things that come with a second baby, by throwing a baby sprinkle for my best friend and mom to be… again.

Baby Sprinkles are baby showers that celebrate moms having their second (or  3rd, 4th, etc) little one, and though not everyone has more than one, the trend is growing in popularity. While new babies certainly bring the necessity for more things, and different practices, it also allows for others to fall behind. Nerves slow down, franticness dissipates, and that aforementioned change begins to take form. It can mean different things for every mama, but ultimately, life can be taken a little less seriously. And so can your shower.

So for the next baby you know coming into the world, whether they’ll be a sibling to one, two or more, why not celebrate with a little baby sprinkle. Baby # 2 should be just as deserving of a party, and Luvs thinks so too. Here are six ideas for throwing your own successful sprinkle.


1. Forget save the dates. Just send one, easy & free invite with Evite.com. They have dozens of free designs to choose from, including this very appropriate sprinkling of pastel dots. Make sure to send your invite at least one month in advance. People are busy, especially those who work double duty as moms already. To ensure everyone can come on the same date, give friends plenty of notice.

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2. Sprinkle Everything with LOVE! Baby sprinkles can, and should be taken pretty literally, so feel free to get your sprinkle on! You can create fun, easy decor with cut-outs, candy and more. I took the Luvs colors; purple and green to heart, and created fun, tasty, little centerpieces that could also be included in little goodie bags later.




3. Make a fun, but easy sweet treat. For her first shower, a long banquet table of homemade foods peppered the table, complete with celebratory cake. But baby sprinkles are, by definition, a lot less elaborate, and your spread can be too. Set a sweet stage with easy setup and create a little cupcake corner. Let guests dress up their easily made cupcakes with candy like gum balls, M&M’s, and of course, sprinkles. You can even use this as an outlet for a gender reveal. In this case, I chose pink for the baby girl we already knew we were be celebrating.





4. Get creative with easy games. Find affordable ideas and games on Amazon, or even in your local 99 cent store. Usually baby showers can consist of toilet wrapped bellies, bowls filled with ‘who knows how many jellybeans?’, and other elaborate games or symbols. But second time around, it’s less about games, and more about energy. Save some of your own on all that planning, and instead, hit up one of those aforementioned stores for ideas. I picked up a few packages of little block letters at a craft store and had them out at the sprinkle for everyone to make necklaces. The chances of moms being at your sprinkle party may likely be high, and it’s a fun way to include everyone in some fun. Seasoned vets can make necklaces with the letters of their child, or children, or friends can create necklaces, guessing the names or letters of the baby to be.




5. Make Mementos for Mom.Create two notebooks, and give one to mommy to write down everything she’s already learned. The other one leave out for everyone to write down their own advice for new baby, and add their notes to a mason jar. At the end, let mom take home the filled jar. She can enjoy going through all the notes later. Another easy, effective idea? Have everyone sign a onesie for baby to be. It’s as stylish as a sign in book can get.





6. Encourage guests to bring gently used hand me downs, books, or diapers in lieu of presents. Not only will they be more needed, but likely, more welcomed too. At the end mom was sent on her way with a jar of advice, a few onesies, a new set of Luvs, and a whole lot of love for a little girl about to say hello to the rest of the world.




Would you have a baby sprinkle? What’s your opinion on them? 

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