6 simple ways to earn money at home

Freelancing was once a word foreign to many, but no more. In fact, by 2020, its estimated that 50% of Americans will be familiar with how to be self employed, or work independently. That means a record number of people working remotely, more freelancers and more ways to earn money at home than ever before.

Whether you’re a SAHM, pursuing a new career, or home for other reasons, there are a multitude of ways to earn an income without leaving your house. Virtual assistant, customer service rep, and teaching english to kids are all examples of great jobs you can do remotely. If you’re not interested in jobs with much responsibility, there are other, simpler ways to earn money at home too. Some just as easy as buying your every day items.

Learning how to be self employed takes isn’t easy. It takes discipline, organization and drive. But some easy ways to earn money at home take little to no work at all.

Here are a few basic ways to earn money at home

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1. Use resell sites to sell unwanted clothing, wares or other items.

Ebay is probably the largest and most popular site to sell your stuff and earn money at home. But if you have a pile of clothing, try Poshmark which has had over four million members since its in inception in 2011. If you’re an artisan, or maker selling your goods, start listing on the Etsy marketplace.

2. Do online surveys.

One of the simplest ways to earn money from home, while doing very little is to start investing some time in online surveys. It can be something you do while watching tv at night and how much you can make is proportionate to how much you do it. Spending a few hours a week in your lounging time dedicated to completing surveys can give you a few hundred dollars of extra mad money. You’re not going to earn a full time income, or enough to pay rent, or mortgage. But if you’re looking for a somewhat easy, passive way to earn a little extra, start signing up now.

3. Sell storage space in your home you’re not using.

Want to know one of the easiest ways to make money at home? If you have any extra room at all that you’re not using, don’t let it just sit collecting dust. Rent it out to those who need it. Storeatmyhouse.com is an company that works like Air Bnb for storage. People rent their extra room, garage, etc to those looking for storage space. Everyone wins, and you get a paycheck for practicing nothing other than graciousness.

4. Use Rakuten for your shopping needs.

There is literally no easier money to be made than by using Rakuten (formally Ebates) before you do any online shopping. Depending on how much you spend monthly online, you could save some pretty hefty bucks. Sign up here and start earning cash back on all your shopping needs.

5. Sign up for freelancer sites like Upwork, and Fiverr.

These are notorious for low paying assignments, but if you’re just looking for extra work or ways to make money at home then you should look into freelance sites like these where hundreds of small tasked jobs reside.

6. Invest spare change.

Sign up for an app like Stash or Acorn that takes the spare change from your every day transactions and then invests it. It’s basically passive income that takes very little effort. Now who doesn’t want that!

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