BeeFIVE: 5 Reasons to treat Back to School like New Years

What is it about fall that just seems to change everything? It’s a subtle breeze, a new mood, and of course in today’s world, lots of pumpkin spice chatter. You can’t exactly pinpoint the moment. Somehow, even with the time it takes for the leaves to turn, and the apples to ripen, the fall season seems to appear in an instant. And when it does, things do change. We go back to school. We get a little less lazy. Our wardrobes change and more importantly, so do our routines. Normal adults in the world might only ever think of September as the start of school, or the pre cursor to fall, but to me it will always represent more than that. Like New Years, its a time for resolutions and a time for creating, (or attempting to create) change. Much like a chill enters the air, changing the season, something always transforms in me too. Some set their resolutions, feigned goals, and beauty transformations for the first day of the new year. But to me, the dial for change will always be set for September, and that new season. And in case you don’t agree, here are five reasons why, if you think about it, we really should treat Back to School like the start of the new year.


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1. Fall is a rebirth. We change our shorts to jeans, and our tanks to sweaters. Our food may get a little more ‘comfy’, as salads turn to soups. All these habits get reborn, so why not change yourself to go along with it. Get a new look, start a new wellness plan, or just makeover your mood.

2. Perfect time to keep resolutions. People make goals and come January, gyms are flooded with hopeful fitness fanatics, sweating while secretly praying their new routine sticks. For most out there, it won’t. So instead of waiting till the dead of winter to change your workout routine, why not get a head start in fall. After all, it’s the perfect weather for throwing a comfy sweater over your workout gear and heading out into the world.

3. To stock up on random things, or grownup school supplies. Pretend you’re headed back to school even if you’re not. Lets face it, some of us wish we could go back in time. I wouldn’t ever want to go back to 19, but sometimes, I do wish I could pretend to go back to college. Memories of perfecting my collegiate look, perusing Bed, Bath and Beyond while ferociously crossing things off the checklist, and of course, all those back to school textbooks. I never wanted them at the time, and yet, around September my romantic heart clamors for the nostalgic days of TI-82’s, and decorated book covers. Today’s kid will never know the joy of a trapper keeper and that saddens me. If I can keep the back to school spirit alive by doing some school shopping, even sans child, then I’m a happy camper. Metaphorically, of course.

4.You can start or try something new. Take a cooking class, or learn how to cross stitch. Sign up for a six week program singing. Whatever your desire, sign up for fall classes. It always was the semester that went the fastest.

5. It’s a great time to organize your home, life, or work.  It’s not spring cleaning, or the start of the new year, but fall certainly brings a lot of change. The season, packed with school, classes, Halloween, and more flies by, leaving hectic schedules and a few, quick months in it’s wake. Get an early start on the busy months ahead by clearing a path early; both literally and symbolically.
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