5 of the best types of NYC pizzas

This Sunday’s the 92nd annual Academy Awards. Everyone gathers to commend a chosen few, fight over nominees, lack of diversity and complain of monotony. But there’s another tradition Sunday that can unify rather than separate us into opposing camps. (Unless of course, the topic is pineapple.) That event is National Pizza day. A national day that might actually have some merit in the Big Apple. A city synonymous with a good slice. Whether it’s a ubiquitous dollar pizza store, or the always packed Prince St. Pizza, there’s a good one waiting around the corner. So here are five of the best types of NYC pizzas to enjoy on National Pizza day. And every day after.

5 of the best types of NYC pizzas:

1. The original – Joes. Nothing beats the original and Joes doesn’t need any flashy or trendy gimmicks to help it. Because it’s been a NYC institution with pizza lovers since 1975. So if you’re looking for some of the best types of NYC pizzas, nothing beats a classic slice from Joes.



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2. The food coma slice – Artichoke. Manhattan Saturday nights past a certain hour, you can find party people extending past the front door of this popular spot. Eating your greasy slice off an oily paper plate, sitting on a step or curb is a rite of passage here. Because Artichoke’s food coma inducing pies are some of the best types of NYC pizzas you can find.

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3. The standard square – Prince St. Pizza. Any given weekend you’ll find a massive line extending down Prince Street. Why? Because they’re all waiting in line for a slice (or more) of Prince. St. Pizza. The famous Soho pizza joint is known for it’s thick, doughy creations, also known as the Soho square. If you’re a lover of the Sicilian slice, than this is the place for you.

4. Deep Dish – Emmetts. One of the best places for pizza in NYC ironically serves Chicago style deep dish. Recently I had a huge craving and was shocked to find that in a city where everything’s at your disposal, instant deep dish wasn’t.

After some research I found Emmetts. Except the small, inconspicuous Soho spot had a TWO HOUR wait, not once, twice, but three times. Finally, I caved in, accepting the only way to quench my pizza thirst was enjoying Emmetts Pizza on a Monday evening. If you love deep dish, you must visit Emmetts. But make sure it’s on a week night.

5. Chicken parm pie – Quality Italian. At the intersection of chicken parmigiana and pizza, lies Quality Italian on the Upper East Side. The high end Italian restaurant brings crowds for it’s tasty fare. But more come to share slices of it’s famous pie. It’s not exactly a pizza though. Their chicken parm arrives at your table like a pizza pie. But one slice may be enough of these extra stacked slices.



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