5 NYC Thrift Stores to Check out on National Thrift Store Day

In ‘every day is national something’ news, there is no longer a time where we can go about our day without finding out we’re supposed to be celebrating something. From giggling, to mustard, lipstick wearing, and more our society is apparently no longer content to go on living without having something random to live for on a daily basis. Yet, as silly as I sometimes think all of this is, I was actually excited to see that today is National Thrift store day! Why, you might ask? Because in a sea of silly, national celebrations, it’s noticeable when one of them actually pertains to your interests and hobbies.

In NYC, shopping is a dime a dozen and it can be hard to know where to go for that score. There are already many NYC mainstays. The go-to’s for serious shopping, vintage enthusiasts, or just those seeking a killer deal. Stores like Resurrection, What Goes Around Comes Around, and Buffalo Exchange are known for designer finds, while Housing Works is where to head for a cool cabinet or interesting housewares and more. Deal seekers can check out a local goodwill around the city. But beyond that, just under the surface, are a multittude of shops that can take your thrift game from 0 to 10 fast. But like so many things in this big city, the outcome will ultimately depend on you. As yoda said, patience young Jedi.


1. East Village Thrift Shop. This is one of my go-to shops, and I usually wind up in here unintentionally, then leave with a heaping bag full of goodies. You will have to dig; a lot of racks are mostly t-shirts, and Forever21 old rejects. But if you stay the course and focus, you can find some AMAZING things! A designer dress, Burberry vest and Brooks Brothers wool jacket for $10 are just a few of the things I picked up from the unassuming shop this summer.

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2. Second Time Around. These are located throughout NYC as well as CT, and NJ, and on national thrift store day, it’s certainly worth a step inside.

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3. Cure Thrift ShopLast year, I scooped a small, pink vanity off the street for only $40 and now, it’s my (albeit, small) office desk. This place has awesome furniture, including a little mint fridge I somehow stopped myself from purchasing recently. Not everything works in reality as well as it does in your head. Located on a mostly isolated block, it can be easily overlooked, so keep your eyes peeled for the sign, and then wide open for the adventure that awaits inside.

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 4.14.37 PM

4. Monk Thrift Shop.  From the outside, this place looks a bit disheleved, and possibly like the location of the next episode of  Hoarders: Extreme. While there is certainly a LOT going on in the window, and inside, for the knick knack lover, this shop is a must stop spot.

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 4.08.40 PM

5. Eleven. This is a thrift store and a consigment shop where Chanel Backpacks and Louis Vuitton sandals are frequently displayed in the window. Prices here can be pretty steep, but it’s worth it to find that diamond in the rough. Like a Lily Pulitzer dress I bought for $29.99 in perfect condition last year.

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