5 Fa-BEE-lous Fall '11 predictions to watch

In keeping of the theme of trends, and trend spotting today, I am following up my earlier story with a quick roundup of my first Fall ’11 forecast report.
It’s still Summer and all of us are hoping August lasts a lot longer then July feels like it did, but somewhere in the back of our stylish, fashion forward minds, we’re also starting to think out what we want for fall, and how on earth we’re going to fit it into our already jam packed closet.
This will become a weekly feature where I post the latest trends, as I see them, but for now- just a taste. Next week, each day will highlight and tell a story on a trend from the below list-
If you already picked up something on the list, comment about it, and let me know what you’re excited about this fall. If not, then happy hunting.. and catching!!

1. Penny Loafer Heels
2. Peter Pan collars
3. Black and white piping accents on shirts
4. Tassels; on shoes, necklaces, bags, and clothing
5. High heeled menswear style oxfords- a more feminine take on last season’s hit shoe style

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