5 common beauty mistakes to overlook

Most of us like to think that we understand beauty, at least a little bit. But, like anything in life, you can get into bad habits. Worse still, you often don’t even notice you’re making them. In this post, we take a deep dive into some common beauty mistakes people make, and what can be done to fix them.

Read on for some of the common, top beauty mistakes you’re making and what you can do to fix them.


Failing To Take Care Of Your Lips

As you get older, your lips thin and begin to lose color. Eventually, they become the same tone as the rest of the skin on your face.

To take care of your lips, you’ll want to scrub and exfoliate them once per week. This helps to maintain the blood supply and keeps them supple. Always use a gentle exfoliant, such as brown oatmeal, to avoid doing any damage. 

Then choose a lip gloss or lipstick that adds emphasis, applying it slightly below and above the lips to create the impression of size. 

Applying Heavy Mascara On The Bottom Lashes

Heavy mascara on the top lashes looks great. But applying it too thickly on the bottom ones can create problems. Heavy-set bottom lashes can draw attention to under-eye wrinkles. 

If you are applying mascara, leave it light on the bottom lashes. You just want enough to give them a bit of color, nothing more. 

Getting Tattoos That Fade Over Time

Tattoos can look great when you first get them done. But eventually, they partially fade and change color as your body ages. That’s okay if you only have a small star on your behind. But if you have tattoos in more conspicuous locations, it can create issues. 

The good news is that you can get them removed. The laser tattoo removal healing process is actually quite quick. And once you’ve had between four and six treatments, most tattoos are no longer visible. 

Applying Too Much Bronzer

Applying too much bronzer is another faux-pas. Fortunately, if you make a mistake, it is reversible, but you might wind up looking a little too sun-kissed for your liking.

When you add bronzer, focus on applying it to the areas of your skin likely to receive the most sunlight. For instance, your cheekbones are often in the firing line. You’ll also want to apply it slightly more intensely around the jawline, as this will help to bring out your healthy glow. 

If you’re not sure how to apply it correctly, just get a professional to do it for you. Better safe than sorry.


Failing To Apply Enough Blush

People tend to miss out on blush these days, seeing it more as something that their grandmother did. But it is still essential. Blush gives the face a youthful flush and makes you look considerably younger than you are. You don’t have to apply a lot. Just choose a colour that naturally matches your skin tone

So there you have it: some common beauty mistakes. Which of these are you guilty of committing in your beauty routine? 

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