4 travel tips for NYC weekenders

Visiting Manhattan can be overwhelming for first-timers. It can even be overpowering to the people who actually live here. Mainly because there’s just so much to see and do. That can make it difficult to pinpoint what’s best and know how to plan. Not going prepared can end up wasting both time and money. Because visiting the city can be a sensory overload, here are a few simple travel tips for NYC weekenders.

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Travel tips for NYC weekenders:


1. Avoid Times Square During the Day

Unless you love wading through crowds and paying for overpriced tourist traps, avoid Times Square during the day. It’s one of the most obvious travel tips for NYC weekenders. Times Square’s an exciting place to visit. But it’s also anxiety inducing. While you’ll want to check out a Broadway show, spending a large portion of time here is not advised. Especially when there are such cuter neighborhoods to go explore.

2. Seek Out Local Eateries

There are so many great places to eat in New York. From fancy, to trendy, to hidden gems. Some of the best food in the city can be found at little hole-in-the-wall greasy spoons. Picking where to eat can also be a daunting task. Use websites like Trip Advisor and personal blogs to help you pick the best restaurants that fit your trip and budget. Also, check out their health ratings while you’re at it.

3. Stay at a Great Hotel

One of the simplest travel tips for NYC weekenders is to stay at a great spot. While you’re likely to spend lots of time out of your room, you still want to be comfortable once you return from a long day. Plus, there are dozens of areas to choose from. Each with it’s own aesthetic and feel. Where you stay will depend on your trip. But something central is convenient to getting around. A Midtown hotel like Hotel Westgate can help make the most of your time. Because of it’s proximity to mass transit, it’s easy to travel pretty much everywhere. Plus it’s got some of the best rooms in the city.

4. Avoid Driving

This is especially important for first-timers visiting New York. Not only because it can get expensive. But more importantly, it’s just not necessary. Most times, you’ll get places faster by walking or taking a subway anyway. It’s a New York experience worth having either way.


No matter what you decide, nothing beats a weekend in New York City. So next time you’re planning a visit to the Big Apple, remember to keep these travel tips for NYC weekenders in mind.


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What are you some of your travel tips for NYC weekenders?

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