4 Myths About Cosmetic Surgery

Access to cosmetic surgery is continuing to go up in popularity over recent years with more people than going under the knife. No longer something reserved just for famous celebrities. With its accessibility increasing, so too are the myths about cosmetic surgery and the phenomenon of ‘having something done’. 

Here are some of those myths about cosmetic surgery debunked: 


  • Plastic Surgery is Cheating and working out and diet is the Only Key to the Perfect Body

There’s no doubt that diet and exercise can negatively or positively impact your body. But while that’s true, cosmetic surgery can also help to improve certain physical appearances, or areas of the body. It’s not a substitute, and some may not ever consider it themselves. But it could enhance something someone’s not happy with currently. 

For those people, there are many available options to increase self esteem. Someone who lost a lot of weight may wish to have skin removal surgery if the skin is too loose. Similarly, women who have recently given birth may want a tummy tuck following their pregnancy. 


  • Breast Implants Make it Hard to Breastfeed

This sounds potentially true. But among other myths about plastic surgery, this one isn’t true. Many women who get breast enhancement surgery are able to breastfeed their babies. It can however depend on the type of surgery performed. Speak with a surgeon to discuss the options for breastfeeding in the future. Silicon implants do not cause any harm to a breastfed child, either. 


  • You can always tell when somebody has had it 

Some celebrities pride themselves on looking artificially enhanced. But most regular people seeking cosmetic surgery will want to look natural. A highly professional surgeon will leave very little noticeable traces of their work. 


  • There are no risks from getting surgery 

Not sure who actually believes this. Of course, with any surgery comes some risk. Having general anesthesia, infections or scarring, and other potential side effects can impact recovery time. Consider everything before undergoing any serious procedures. But also weigh the benefits.

Make sure to carefully choose your surgeon. Also, use a reputable healthcare provider such as BodEnvy who are both experienced, and registered with the General Medical Council. You may have to make other lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, drinking, or diet. A good surgeon will always put the needs of the patient first. 

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