4 fun First Date Ideas to get you Started

Do you remember your last first date? Dating these days can be more stressful than fun; sometimes feeling like a job interview rather than a date at all. Plus with dating apps being a dime a dozen now, dating in general has become less important and more casual in nature. On the other hand, how else would we ever know if we connect with a potential partner unless we head out the door, and give it a go. It can always feel awkward meeting new people at first; that’s par for the course. But there are lots of ways, beyond the basic drink at the bar, to make it more comfortable and perhaps even ensure that second date faster. If you’re getting ready to go on a date, or asking for one, here are a few thoughts on some fun, first date ideas that help pave the way. Where you go from there is up to you.

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Tackle the stress of dating

1. Head to a Movie.

If you are afraid of long conversation, or awkward silence, why not suggest a night at the theater? Find a new release, or even better, a place that plays classics. On my second date with my husband, during our dinner, I suggested we go to the midnight showing of Taxi Driver. He’d never seen it, loved the idea, and I was so excited to take him. Five minutes into the film, I fell asleep and promptly started snoring. We still talk today about how people kept telling him to shut his girlfriend up, and he’d replied, ‘I barely know her!’ Case in point? Watching a film just might give you something to talk about for hours, maybe even years afterwards.

2. Drinks AND a fun dinner.

These days, dinner isn’t even an option for many first dates. The ubiquitous hesitation being, why commit that much time to a stranger. Some people prefer to just do drinks. If it leads to dinner, even better. But why not throw hesitation and caution to the wind and go for dinner plans anyway. Starting with a cool, even trendy spot might be just the way to bond. Don’t forget some killer style too. This might be a great occasion to accessorize your favorite LBD, and this blog post explains how to add some personality. Now, the only thing left to make is a connection.

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Enjoy a strawberry daiquiri for two


3. Museum and coffee date.

If you have some artistic bones in your body, you may be interested in museums as some first date spots. An afternoon at the art gallery, chatting over cappuccinos sounds like not only a fun, but unexpected first date. It’s also a good test. If you share a passion, figuring that out shouldn’t be too challenging.

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4. Split a sweet.

If you’re a foodie, a great first date idea might include a renowned patisserie. Besides, if Lady and the Tramp taught us anything, it’s that nothing bonds two people faster than sharing food.

Share a sweet eclair together

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