5 Easy Easter Dinner Tips with HoneyBaked Ham

As you get older, your late nights out become few and far between. What used to be a typical, weekly occurrence turns into a selective, special evening. Something to look forward to, an occasion to celebrate, or in very rare cases, just an excuse to eat. As we’ve all gotten older, gotten married, and gotten babies, our ability to get together gets harder. But when I partnered with HoneyBaked Ham this month to celebrate what makes a great Easter dinner, I figured it was worth getting at least a few of us together for a night of feasting. I’ve always had an affinity for hosting dinner parties, so it felt a little like the old days, but in a much different way. And working with HoneyBaked ham on the dinner made everything simple, easy, and stress free. I didn’t have to worry about making anything from scratch, and had all the makings for a delicious and successful Easter dinner from the sides to the signature main dishes.

Whether you’re gathering friends, attending a family event, or hosting dinner, here are 5 tips for an easy, stress-free, most of all tasty Easter dinner.

1. Buy everything you need ready to heat and eat at HoneyBaked Ham. If you’re not nearby one of their Long Island or New Jersey locations, you can order everything online. For $75 you can get not only a small but good sized ham, but also a large turkey breast, and 2 large sides. And the portions are big! Having everything ready to go will make life not only easier, but the night happier. You can actually enjoy your company outside of the kitchen, rather then slaving over your party food, per usual. Everything including the ham is ready to heat and eat. Extra time for chatting and consumption! easter-dinner-tips-honeybaked-ham-4

2. Have Festive Crafts & Decor. If you have kids, are having children over, or spend any time on Pinterest at all then you know the importance of the holiday decor. No matter what your Pinterest level, for an easy, quick decor piece have easter eggs ready to be designed. A Paas kit will do the trick, and add any extra decor pieces you might want.

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3. Have Menu choices. They’re known for their famous HoneyBaked hams, but for those who don’t eat ham, they also offer a variety of other options. That includes many delicious sides and their delicious smoked turkey breast, perfect for a little dinner party. I went for sides of potato au gratin and green been casserole for a nice hearty theme.

easter-dinner-honeybaked-ham-3 sliced & glazed Turkey Breast. Available Smoked or Roasted, and sliced for your convenience. (Gluten Free.)Approximately 2.5-3lbs. Serves 8 to 10.

4. Add some little extras. I made some yummy biscuits, and for a sweet treat, threw some festive M&M’s into the spread. They were gone first of course.


5. Have a good wine to accompany your dinner. I love a good red with a hearty meal like this, and the new Skinnygirl Pinot Noir definitely does the trick!


One stop at HoneyBaked ham can serve all your Easter dinner needs. Their famous ham is slow smoked for more than 20 hours. I have to say, it smelled amazing in my kitchen. Each one is hand glazed, pre sliced and ready to serve, so it was easy for me to make for everyone. And one quarter ham can serve up to eight people, so it was more than enough for our 2 other guests. As a novice meat cooker, the company couldn’t have made it any easier. Instructions on how to bake your HoneyBaked ham are smack dab on your grocery bag!


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 With all their overly generous sides, and even desserts which include a well known rum cake, you can create quite a fanciful feast!

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Check out all the yummy offerings at HoneyBaked Ham and start planning your next dinner party. And get $5 off any purchase of $50 or more here

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This is a sponsored post with HoneyBaked Hams. All ideas expressed and written are my own. 


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