4 Cost Effective Alternatives To Cable

How we consume media, including TV shows and movies, has changed in a huge way over the past decade. Lots of people have already cut the cord to traditional outlets using more cost effective alternatives to cable. But if you’re hesitant, or not familiar with all your options this can feel like an extreme step. Except now, you really can take cable out of the equation and still have access to great tv and film.


There are now lots of cost effective alternatives to cable. Keep reading to see some of them: 

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Streaming services

The most popular of all the cost effective alternatives to cable is clearly streaming services. While Netflix was the main and only option initially, streaming now encapsulates dozens of channels. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu are all options that include original shows like Orange is the New Black and Russian Doll, as well as older less accessible movies.


Internet TV

While perhaps not as widely known as the major streaming services, internet protocol TV is fast rising in popularity. This offers a more traditional viewing experience, connecting a device to your TV that gets you access to both live TV and recorded/downloaded shows. There is a wide range of different services offering different channels and shows, so be sure to check some IPTV shopping tips when making your choice. It’s often much cheaper than a cable package and tends to offer more content, as well. 


Live content

There is a whole other side of online content that most people still aren’t fully clued into. Still predominantly used for gaming, live-streaming websites like Twitch offer a whole host of other content. This includes people creating and broadcasting their own content, art streams, music streams, and much more. What’s more, it’s one of the most communal ways to engage with the content you watch, as well, since streamers and viewers can interact directly through the chat.



A lot of people underestimate how engaging YouTube can be. But the truth is that there are tons of categories on YouTube.  Each of them with a diverse range of content creators and channels. Check out a list of the best channels in each category to get a taste of the sheer range of things you can watch on the website.


Which cable alternatives are most desirable to you?

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