31 days of horror movies Halloween 2022 edition

Anyone that knows me, or knows this website, is aware that this is a pro horror space. For horror junkies like me, every month is spooky season. But of course October is the most fun time of all to indulge in them. Because 31 days of horror movies challenges are now a given, even from me, the 2022 edition was no exception.

Past 31 days of horror movies challenges have honored the classics, some of the best Halloween horror in cinema.

But 2022 has been a big year for horror.

So this year’s list is dedicated to NEW films. Personally, I spend much more time indulging in horror favorites from the past, than championing any of the present. But as lovers of horror, we should be acknowledging and accepting more. New, fresh ideas that redefine, and continue to represent the love of the genre. Films like Barbarian and Watcher, whose success proves that beyond the franchises, and remakes, we still want original horror.

This year’s theme is movies from the last year or two – and mainly lots of new releases streaming all October long (with a few oldies sprinkled in).

This October in fact has a lot of new content to make a horror fan salivate. For starters, there’s the much anticipated Hellraiser reboot, and epic (maybe?) conclusion of Michael Myers in Halloween Ends. But there’s also the return of horror master Daria Argento’s new film Dark Glasses premiering on Shudder. Plus, a remake of the 1981 Terror Train. A new Tubi original I’m hoping is decent.

Other suspenseful standouts include Fall, voyeur thriller Watcher, and the upcoming psychological horror Resurrection- which I’m especially looking forward to watching for the first time.

See more of the 31 days of horror movies 2022 challenge below and follow along with us. Which horror movies will you be watching this month?

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