3 weekend break ideas

Back to school just started, but soon, it’ll already be time for a little break again. Fall is a beautiful season but it flies by, and before we know it, we’re preparing for winter again. Including the reality that holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. Holiday time brings new types of vacations. Trips back home, weekend getaways, or maybe just a staycation. But before the holidays roll in (and promptly roll back out) there’s still lots of time to enjoy sweater weather. One of the best ways is with small little getaways. Here are 3 weekend break ideas for when you need to get away without taking a full on vacation. 

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3 Weekend break ideas to refresh and restore:


A Relaxing Break

If you feel like life is getting too crazy,  a relaxing break is just what the doctor ordered. One of the best relaxing weekend break ideas is to get away from the hustle and bustle of it all, like at a lodge. Try to find one with a hot tub just to add that extra bit of relaxation into your life. You can find some really good last minute deals with this idea, and instead of a full on trip just make it a weekend getaway. There’s just something so lovely about sitting in front of the TV with a log burner roaring away in the corner, and going outside for a dip in the hot tub with a glass of bubbly in your hand. The most noise you’re going to hear is the crackle of the fire, or the bubbling of the hot tub. Sound like something you need? Get searching for a good deal near you!

A Quick City Break or staycation. 

Sometimes staying in your own city is one of the best weekend break ideas you can implement. Explore your own city like a local. To add a little twist to it, you should check out Go Luxe, and go around in a limo. It adds that celeb feel to your city break, and if you can bag yourself one that’s filled with prosecco, we just know you’re going to be in for a ton of fun. A city break doesn’t necessarily mean hopping on a plane, but if that’s what you can afford then you should go for it!

Action Packed Fun

If you need a bit of a thrill, there are weekend breaks for that. You can go on organized weekend breaks filled with things like rafting, high rope courses, and general outdoor fun. We know this might not appeal to all of you, but we thought it would be good to finish with a little something different!

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