3 ways to Celebrate your Sweetest Oscars Night w/ M&Ms

The award show stretch can sometimes feel long, and redundant. That is of course until the Oscars; the biggest, most important night of the year comes around to close out the season. This year, the 87th Academy Awards has lots of great buzz from host NPH, to whose name John Travolta will mispronounce this year. As always, I’ll host my annual party where I can bing on snacks, fashion, and chatter. But this year, things are going to be a little bit sweeter and tastier than usual.

I worked with M&M’S to celebrate the biggest night in Hollywood,  and had a ball creating deliciousness worthy of any award. M&M’s is also commemorating this year by debuting a commercial on national TV showing our favorite chocolates invading movies. The night is sure to be filled with plenty of surprises. Celebrate in 3 ways sure to please any palates at your party!

M&M's, oscars 2015, oscars party


1. Have an award winning sweet-tooth. Enjoy double chocolate brownies with regular M&M’s. Even from scratch, it’s a pretty simple recipe; and will make a delicious treat come showtime for you, and any sweet-toothed people who may be watching with you!

oscars, M&Ms, oscars 2015, oscars party


2. A salty snack. Trail mix with peanut M&M’s. Mix pretzels, pistachios, almonds, marshmellows and peanut M&M’s to create a salty, sweet treat perfect for relaxing and enjoying any show or movie.

oscars, M&M's, oscars 2015, oscars party


3. A tasty treat. Crispy M&M’s. Due to popular demand, M&M’s brought back their Crispy version this past January. The crispy center in milk chocolate candy shell is so delicious it’s perfect on it’s own.

oscars, M&M's, oscars 2015, oscars party


oscars, M&M's, oscars 2015, oscars party

For more ideas on how to have your sweetest night, Check out Red’s red carpet tips below.



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How are you going to celebrate during the big night? Tell me in the comments below and see more M&M’s ideas on Facebook or Twitter.

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  • I DVR’d the Oscars because I was too exhausted to sit and watch them. Those brownies look so delicious! I like the crispy M&Ms and agree that they are a snack all on their own.