3 wardrobe staples to invest in now

Finding the perfect accessories for your outfit is sometimes just as important as the outfit itself. Being able to complete your look with special pieces can take your outfit from good to spectacular. The finishing touches and extra detail can be completed with some simple, well placed and understated items to accentuate your look and pull the ensemble together. Sometimes, it pays to invest in timeless and classic accessories that will never go out of style. In those cases, there are some essential items and wardrobe staples to invest in without feeling bad. Some that you may have forever.

wardrobe staples to invest in items to spend money on wardrobe staples to invest in now

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Here are 3 wardrobe staples to invest in without any guilt



Adding the right timepiece on your wrist in an elegant and sophisticated way is a much better look for you. Whether you opt to go for a newer style or you look for inspiration in years gone by, you can be sure to find a watch that can complement most looks whilst still holding its own in the fashion stakes. Watches such as a pre owned rolex datejust will not only be a great wardrobe staple to invest in, but a standout piece to have forever. 

A staple handbag

There are a plethora of choices when it comes to choosing the right handbag. Many factors can decide what you choose to take should own more than one. However, a faithful bag or clutch is more than just something to hold. Going for high quality, the well-made bag is not only more sustainable in a world where disposable fashion is an issue but a statement piece on its own. So, look for a classic style that will never date to accompany you for all facets of your life, be it work or play. 

Special jewelry

Like with a watch, investing your money into a select number of statement pieces for your jewelry can be beneficial. Especially if you are buying diamonds. Think understated jeweled stud earrings or an elaborate ring as your statement accessory. These are wardrobe staples to invest in that are also timeless pieces. High-quality statement pieces that you can wear day or night, to help you create a look that is pulled together and complete for any occasion.


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