3 tasty detox water recipes that taste great

Typically it’s summer and fall when we work on new diets, outdoor workouts, or experiment with smoothies. It’s the last few months before the freeze sets in, rendering some of us useless for fitness. And less interested in healthy foods including salads, or fresh fruit shakes. But there are ways to keep the wellness going into the other seasons. One easy way is with detox water. Making detox water recipes at home is an easy way to implement some almost effortless health maintenance. In some cases, detox water recipes can act as slimming or weight loss stimulants. In fact, there are unlimited recipes to choose from. Each kind with it’s own various uses and benefits. Everything from helping increase energy, to stabilizing your mood, or even anti aging benefits. Detox water recipes can also provide a way to drink more water if daily H20 is a challenge. Plus, if you’re trying to cut back on caffeine , a cup of delicious detox water can be a helpful tool. Try out some of the recipes below. Then, experiment with what else you can create.

3 delicious detox water recipes that taste great:


Strawberry Lemon Chia. This is one of the most popular detox water recipes. In fact, strawberries are an ingredient often found in detox waters. Probably because they have so many health benefits including being low calorie, and helping lower inflammation. Chia seeds may seem odd to add in, but they’re actually good and very healthy for you. They barely taste like anything, while giving you fiber, protein and Omega-3’s.  Out of the many detox water recipes to make, this one packs a powerful, but also tasty punch. If you’re looking to save on cost, the next time you cut up a bowl of strawberries to eat, save the stems rather than throwing them away. Instead, add them to your detox water. They’re still effective, and manage to give that strawberry flavor.

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Apple Cinnamon. This is another detox water recipe that’s both beneficial to your health and your taste buds. Apples have a bevy of health benefits. For one, they’re rich in antioxidants, and dietary fiber. They’re also said to help reduce your diabetes risk, and heart disease among other things. Cinnamon is often known as a healing spice. Together, they make one of the tastier, simpler, detox waters.

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Watermelon Rosemary. If you’re looking to play with some detox water recipes, but not sure what to make, give this idea a try. This flavorful detox water recipe includes two powerful components. Watermelon contains important vitamins, including A, B6 and C. It also helps in reducing blood pressure and body fat. Rosemary is an anti inflammatory that can regulate blood sugar levels and boost your immunity. In some cases it can even help with memory, and stress. Plus, it smells great.

detox water recipes, apple cinnamon detox waters, slimming detox waters



Which detox water recipe is your favorite to make? 

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  • I’ve never believed in detox but these sound like they would be worth to try out. If not for detox but just out of the interest. Thanks for the suggestions! 🙂

    • they’re just even tasty to drink, even if you’re not trying to necessarily “detox” 🙂 thanks for checking it out! xx Bee