3 NYC activities for your next visit

They say New York City is the city that never sleeps. While that’s not completely accurate, it is true that the options are endless when planning NYC activities for a visit. No matter what your taste, the city has something for you. In the obvious places, but also where you least expect. Though the planning can be limitless, it can also be incredibly overwhelming. Knowing where to start, and what to choose. So, before you get more detailed in what you want for your trip, here are 3 simple NYC activities to keep at the top of the list.

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See a Broadway show.

No trip to New York City would be complete without taking in a Broadway show. Though price may be a factor, there are ways to afford some of these more expensive NYC activities. For one, you can wait and get discount Broadway tickets to all kinds of shows. For other, (and also less expensive) options you can also check out the off Broadway events too.

Have a picnic in Central Park.

New York City is obviously one of the liveliest cities in the world. For some, that can be overwhelming. One way to immerse yourself in the fast paced city without feeling crowded is to plant yourself inside Central Park for a picnic. Although the park can get pretty packed, especially in those first few weeks of spring, it’s big enough to find your own space to chill. Not to mention it’s often a whole lot more beautiful than many people may even realize.

Go slightly off the city grid.

The list of NYC activities to plan is never ending. But instead of the basic, touristy spots it can also be fun to go a bit off the beaten path. The city is actually filled to the brim with hidden gems to offer. Give yourself a taste of what it might actually be like to live in this incredible city.

As mentioned, a trip to the Big Apple can be filled with massive amounts of NYC activities. From hidden spots, like an unmarked jazz club, or eatery with amazing sandwiches to the more obvious weekend plans, like a show or picnic. At the end of the day, the best part of being in New York City, (whether tourist or local) is truly what you make of it.

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