3 if by Land… the Lands End Canvas Spring 2012 preview

The other night I took an exciting road trip with a few friends. Okay, it was only to the meatpacking. But at the Lands End Canvas Spring 12 preview, it felt like I was on a road trip; transported to an exciting journey with some friends, complete with binoculars, compass, head scarf, striped shirt, and cargo shorts. In other words, the perfect road trip outfit exuding just the right amount of comfort and style, yet equipped to master the road ahead, and look fabulous doing so.

We dived between outfits, picking our favorite looks while the Wanda’s performed to a crowd with casual yet carefully crafted style. The music and stage was quite fitting. I imagined my bare feet hanging out the passenger side window, while the same music blasted on the radio, and a group of girls unabashedly sang out the lyrics from the windows, on an open road where no one else could hear us. In the background, only adding to the creatively felt environment was a series of artwork displayed by the MFA illustration department at the School of Visual arts.

Because I am now fully admitting to the fact that up until recently I thought Lands End was only responsible for making one of my favorite things; my large canvas monogrammed tote bag, and providing one of my best friends with yearly birthday presents from grandma in the form of gift cards, I was beyond happy, and excited to see the collection; all of which is wearable, and fashionable.

A striped shirt with tan shorts and a red pea style coat with a cross-body bag caught my eye. I loved the jacket, and pictured how I could dress down the shorts, and then dress up the shirt with a pair of tight skinny jeans, and a sequin blazer. Another outfit consisted of white jeans paired with a gray knit slouchy top, which I immediately pictured myself wearing on a warm day to the office with a fabulous brightly baubled necklace.

Between the music, and the outfits, and the food I opened when I got home, filled with cheese, nuts, dips, and crackers; all of which felt like they had just been purchased at the local general store, I felt I had taken a journey, and although I never actually left the busy streets of Manhattan, my mind felt well travelled, and my constant desire to turn an outfit into an entire story line had been well fulfilled. The only thing next to do was grab my Lands End catalog, start circling, and book my next trip. 

cute red jacket, with an always appropriate striped shirt, cross body handbag, and tan shorts

An ideal road trip outfit

Essentials for our trip; compass, binoculars, and all purpose scarves make for a chic getaway

An appropriate visual from the Wandas

A masterfully creative way to serve pizza... even the food took a little road trip

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