Top 3 Gambling Movies to see Before a Casino Visit

Gambling can be fun, truth be told. As long as it;s once and a while, and not taken too seriously. Especially when you’re on vacation. What better vacation extra could there be than an opportunity to play and win real money close by. Depending on your level of skill, or love of the casino, a visit can include any variety of activities from mental prep, to revving yourself up beforehand. There’s no better way to get yourself ready for a visit to the casino than with a few gambling movies to excite you. Movies can bring us together. They make us laugh, put us in a certain mood, and even inspire us; in this case to get some gambling mojo going and hit the casinos. If you’re headed to a casino hotel, or town anytime soon, check out some of the below gambling movies before you go. We can’t promise they’ll win you any extra bucks in the end, but they’ll surely entertain. Before planning a casino trip you can also practice at home visiting one of online casino sites like Slots Heaven to get better results and also to win real money casino.

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1. Oceans Eleven. What movie glamorizes a gambling lifestyle more than the popular franchise Oceans Eleven. With the debonair George Clooney leading the pack, followed by Brad Pitt this movie is known for it’s look; flashy and fun. If you’re ready to watch some gambling movies to prepare for an upcoming visit to the casino, put Oceans Eleven at the top of that list.

2. The Hangover. The Hangover may be the most famous of all the gambling movies in history. Not for the actual act of gambling, but for the place it most happens; Vegas. Though mostly focusing on the bachelor party shenanigans there is a great casino scene with Zak Galifanakis inspired by the movie Rainman.

3. Rounders. This 1998 drama stars Matt Damon and Ed Norton who enter the world of high stakes poker and professional gambling in order to pay back a debt. While the movie highlights the less flashy, exciting side of gambling, those preparing for a casino visit should still squeeze in a viewing.






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