3 Essential Summer Staples that Never go out of Style

When it comes to summer style, everything we’re typically used to changes. And as the years go by, we know what suits us and what we tend to stick to; whether it’s dresses, skirts, shorts or a combination of any and every type of clothing to get us through the warmer months. But fashion changes all the time, that we already know. And while fashion trends are always cyclical, certain styles will always stand the test of time. These essential summer staples do just that.

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There’s no escaping denim in the summer. When you invest in denim, you are purchasing something that is completely timeless and can be mixed and matched with a whole host of different styles throughout the years. This is essential if you are prone to changing your fashion quite hastily; as long as you keep this staple in your wardrobe, you will be be able to pair it with anything. Remember that you can buy skirts, hot pants, even ¾ length jeans that will be able to keep you cool and comfortable in the summer sun whilst also keep you looking effortlessly fashionable. You don’t have to think twice about what they will be able to be seen with, as they tend to go with 99% of a typical person’s wardrobe.

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There are some sunglasses trends which pick up and fade over time, dependant on the size and colour that you are choosing. There are different brand reviews available on Sunglass Picks, detailing which are right for your price range, face shape and so much more. You ideally want something that you know will suit you for quite a while; sunglasses are needed in the winter months as well when the high sun can affect your driving ability on the road. If you are buying prescription sunglasses, you need to ensure that you are really picking something that is timeless as it can be quite an initial expense.

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There are some brands, such as Birkenstock, which people have owned for years without much change. Their style is synonymous with the brand, and a deviation would mean that the whole image that is associated with the company will diminish. It is clear to see that simple designs win year on year in the shoe stakes when it comes to fashion. That’s not to say that the more intricately designed, possibly more bejewelled, pieces don’t ever get a look in – they do year on year, just in different ways. However, the more basic the design, the more likely you are to wear it for a couple of years rather than retiring the pair of shoes to the back of the wardrobe, waiting for their turn to come back into fashion. Clearly, as we already know, it always will.


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