2012 Academy Awards- The Good, the Bad, and the Uggie

I always find it amazing that every single year, without fail, the day after the Oscars, everyone complains that it was long and boring, and critics lament over how slow it went, but guess what ? The Oscars are one of the very few tv shows that you can say one thing about for certain; they don’t change. Sure the players change, the fashion changes, the jokes change by way of the world, and society goings on- but the formula; well that never, ever changes. 
So why oh why are people always so shocked when the show is slow, or treads on, and label it a snooze fest and such. It’s the Oscars, not the Globes. Everyone isn’t sitting around at a table getting drunk, listening to only 10 key, cool awards, and it’s not the Spirit Awards, wearing jeans jackets  and cursing inside of a huge tent. It’s the fucking Oscars, people.
That being said, this year’s awards show, though maybe not a fast paced adrenaline ride, did bring in some big firsts and some huge comebacks:
The first time a french movie ever won best picture.
The first time a french actor ever won best actor.
Meryl Streep won her first academy award in over 20 years.
Billy Crystal was host again, after eight years (he was good, but not nearly as quick as old school Billy I have to say)
The fashion was glamorous. Ladies strolled down the red carpet, toned, tanned, and in some cases, titillating.. Thank you Jennifer Lopez… 
There are hundreds of commentators, some red carpet paid, some just giving their opinion; bloggers, writers, reviewers, so many top ten lists it will make your head spin. 
But here is my list of the winners. A little spin on a typical post you will probably see a hundred times this week, but  Island Style, or in this case, Style Island….

Best dressed: Michelle Williams and Viola Davis

For more Michelle click here for popsugar.com

Best hair: Viola Davis Because she stayed true to her roots; literally, and looked amazing in every way

From US Magazine- click here to see more pictures

Best use of white on a goth: Rooney Mara

Best use of a jacket over a dress: Gwenyth Paltrow,who wasn’t my top favorite, but DID look amazing in her long white straight dress with sleek coat over it. She rocked Tom Ford, but kind of looked a model right off the Calvin Klein runway 

For more on the Huffington Post, click here

Best feature that makes you cringe and want to scream; please eat for the love of god: tie between Giuliana Ranic’s head, and Angie Jolie’s right leg.

Best speech- Meryl Streep. “I”m sure some of you groaned when I got up here… but whatever…”

Best smile- Jean Dujardin

And MY MVP of the Night- My second favorite dog in the whole universe…Uggie!!

From Movie Fanatic- click here for more pics

See you next year….

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