19 Totally free Things to do in NYC By Summer’s end

One thing we all seem to agree on is that it seems impossible that August is already here. Then again we all know the season of slack always goes the fastest, even if some of the days within it feel like they drag. Soon,  pumpkin spice everything will take over our coffee, our desserts, and then our entire lives. Before the emergence of pumpkins, leaves, and skulls is thrust upon us with full force let’s bask in the final 30 days of real summer fun. Less rules, later bedtimes, lighter nights, and more music concerts. Summer seems to be an easier season to get away with doing more, and spending less. A plethora of outdoor movies which begins to wane as the cooler nights set in. Free outdoor concerts that will soon be too cold to hold. Kayaking in the Hudson, and the list goes on. So before I go on, hurry up and get through this list of 19 free things to do in NYC this August.

How many will you do before summer officially ends? And which ones have you already done?


1. Go to an outdoor movie. One of the very best free things to do in NYC during the summer is also one of it’s most popular traditions. The Bryant park HBO movie festival has been happening for as long as I can remember. Picnics with my mom watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s as a girl I can literally relive now as a grown up. Because though so much has changed on this island, like the landscape that surrounds it, this NYC tradition has never waned.


2. Chill by the Washington Square park fountain. You never know what you may find, like a rainbow….


3. Hit the Public library. 


4. See some outdoor art. 

5. Hit a street fair. The streets are chock full of them in the summer.

6. Spend time at Strand book shop. This is one of my favorite places in the city; I wind up coming here several times a month. Many times I don’t even leave with anything, just spend my time wandering and sifting through treasures looking for any diamonds in the rough.


7. Have a picnic.

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8. Go kayaking in the Hudson

9. People watch at the Elizabeth Street Garden in Soho.


10. Go exploring out of your neighborhood.



11. Wander the WTC oculus

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12. Hit the Highline. 

13. See a comedy show at Beauty Bar on 14th street. This is a hidden gem of mine, although the Beauty bar itself is not hidden at all. In fact, the nail spot slash bar is actually a hot spot among cool New Yorkers in the know. Even cooler, every night they host a small comedy hour in the back and it’s completely free.

14. Do some morning meditation on the high line

15. Ride the Staten Island Ferry back and forth once. 

16. Take an outdoor yoga class. Bryant Park yoga is every Thursday, open to the public and goes till September.

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17. Fly down a water slide in the middle of Manhattan. For the annual Summer Streets, a A 270-foot waterslide will be set up in the middle of a New York City block in Downtown Manhattan starting on Aug 5th, then continuing on the 12th and the 19th.

18. Vote in the “One Film, One New York” campaign to pick your favorite NYC centric movie. The Campaign is geared to unify New Yorkers (not always an easy task) by having them vote for the NYC flick they’ed want to see out of four choices. Learn more and make your votes here. The top pick will be revealed on September 13th and screened for free in various cinemas across the city.

19. Stay inside and watch Netflix. 



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