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Remember the days when a t-shirt was just something easy, and comfortable, something to throw under a sweater, or wear to sleep with some boxer shorts. A white Hanes t-shirt is one of my all time favorite staple items, mainly because it’s like a blank canvas. You can do so much with it, from dazzling it up with a show stopper accessory, wearing it with a pair of leather pants, or DIY-ing the crap out of it. But much more on this later, in my upcoming white t-shirt story.
The point is, t-shirts are a comfy, simple add on, not the focus. But in the last five years or so, the t-shirt has become just as much a focus as the rest of the outfit. The t-shirt can be your slogan, your billboard, your thoughts on display; be them dirty, funny, sarcastic or just plain weird. Our t-shirts can say so much about us, either on purpose, or sub consciously. And novelty tees are such a mass market, that every customer has upon hundreds to choose from. The most popular of late for the tween/teen crowd is of the I love something variety, be it boys, girls, nerds, or the oh so popular, your boyfriend. Clearly, our t-shirts are less of a statement, and more of our deepest, inappropriate thoughts, perhaps? For a slightly older crowd there are concert tee’s, t-shirts with famous images on them, tee’s with sayings, and the list goes on. I think for us, and I’ll use “us” as the aforementioned older crowd, they recall a certain memory, a moment, or a feeling.
I recall back to my younger years, I was obsessed with old college t-shirts. I remember searching ebay over and over, looking for that vintage oxford, and yale t-shirt. I didn’t go there, so it wasn’t school spirit, and I wasn’t trying to pretend I did, so what was it? Wearing a certain t-shirt can evoke a feeling in you

Today my favorite t-shirt is v-neck black shirt with 2 bunnies on it, and a heart in between them. I got it at the Bklyn Flea, and was immediately filled with joy when I saw it. It conveys 2 messages; a public one and a private one.. which I, of course can’t share. 
I probably have over 100 t-shirts. And every single one, I do mean every one, I HAD to have. Under my bed, I have an entire box filled with the same thing; older novelty t-shirts; ones that I never wear, but can’t bear to part with; every single one evoking a certain memory or feeling.

There’s my rush t-shirt from when I pretended to be a Chi Omega sorority girl in college (For those of you who know me, that are in shock right now, don’t worry, you do know me.. I only lasted about 2 months), there’s my “I have to get a t-shirt from every city I’ve ever visited” collection, (seemed like a good idea at the time), and then there’s my experiments. The superman t-shirt that I cut fringe on the bottom of, the Yankees stadium subway baseball shirt that I cut the middle out of, with two open panels showing my stomach. I actually used to wear this…. In public. And am currently trying to find a picture of this for your viewing pleasure.

The one that always escapes me; my white whale is a t-shirt I’ve thought about and sought ever since the day I saw it. It was 1999, and I worked in a clothing store on spring, when a girl came in wearing a dark green, super soft tee that read BEVERLY HILLS HOTEL in big white block letters. I love that shirt, I exclaimed, in which she replied, thanks- it’s my boyfriends! I never saw the boyfriend, the girl or the shirt again. And have been looking for that shirt ever since.
A few months ago at the dumbo hip hop festival, I stopped at an artsy booth, and purchased a black cropped top tee with a big image of biggie smalls, aka notorious big on the front. I love the shirt, and have planned a few outfits for it’s christening, but so far it hasn’t hit the rotation.

The best part about t-shirts is that even though they are some what the red headed step child of fashion, they can turn and change our personality into anything you want to it be; every single day if you choose. And each one can revisit a certain memory, phase, or moment in your life. If I want to be preppy one day, I wear my pink lacoste, collar up of course. If I want to be fun, I wear my favorite super soft white tee with the words, paris, Monaco, Madrid on it, edgy, I wear my shirt with the fringe on the ends, and just myself..? the one that is the most traditional, the most generic one that sums up how I feel the best. And it states only 3 words- I LOVE NY.

What is your most favorite t-shirt in your collection??


Just for the taste of it/ diet coke t-shirt; target

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