Sweat it out

It’s official. I am sick. And the normal joy that should come when walking out of your office at 11am, while visions of hookey-dom, and all the marvelous things you can do today instead, dance thru your head, instead my head is filled only with dizziness, and feverish sweats, a hacking cough and yes I’m going there… nausea..

Since it seems to be a traditional pre-requisite that I get sick about 5 days before I go on ANY TRIP EVER, this one is right on schedule, and since I almost passed out on my keyboard at work 3 different times while typing, and then passed a Starbucks without craving the marvelous delicious lattes I always treat myself to, I realized my body is definitely trying to tell me something.

So I listened, and instead am spending my day in bed watching law and order on ANY channel (it plays on about 5 for the record), and hoping whatever this is, it only wants to host my body for 24 hours.

It’s easy to not care at all what we look like while sniffling in our bed, but lounge wear is having a moment. It’s first spotlight came with the arrival of Juicy Couture sweat-suits, which I remember was a must have, and now, in a time when leggings are worn much more outside then inside, and cute sweatshirts have come a long way from the flashdance days, a plethera of cute options can be found all over for spring 11… and if you just can’t shake that retro in you, go ahead, snip one side off your shoulder…

The staple is a gray sweatshirt and here are 2 great options from high to low. One that can cut the collar of, and one that you shouldn’t

Rebecca Minkoff Victor Zipper Sweatshirt - shopbop.com $250.00

The Slouchy Pullover Raglan sweatshirt - Alternative Apparel - karmaloop.com $62.00

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