11 signs of Hardcore Horror Movie fans

Halloween was an important holiday growing up in my house. One I was taught to treat with creativity and craftiness. And yet, my passion for scary, horror movies, which seemed to match my zeal for those creative costumes troubled my mom. She didn’t understand why her sweet girl would choose to watch blood, gore and murder. I remember once coming home from the video store; old enough to want to watch alone in my room, when I was greeted by my mother. “Whatcha get?”, she excitedly, and curiously asked. “The Stepfather”, I replied. What followed was an eye roll, a sigh, and a retreat to her bedroom. “My sweet girl”, she muttered under her breath. “Enjoy your movie”. She still wanted to understand why, but I still didn’t know. Sometimes, we don’t necessarily know why we love what we do, but we’re passionate all the same. I may not be able to explain why, but as far back as I can remember, I’ve always been obsessed with horror movies. Other horror movie fans, much like myself, might also find themselves at a loss to provide an answer to the question that some people wonder; why do we love it?

It’s almost twenty years later and I’m still not sure of the answer. What I am sure of is that Halloween will come each year, and each year, I’ll want to watch repetitive scary movie Marathons on AMC and go see Hitchcocktober at City Cinemas, (even though I’ve seen every movie). And though I’ll continue being a movie lover, nothing will thrill and excite me like a horror movie, no matter what month it is.

If you’re anything at all like me you relate to some of this. And if you’re as lucky as I turned out to be, you might have also met your own horror soulmate. For 21 years I went through life loving horror singularly. Sometimes, past boyfriends would indulge me. I even had a first date night to see the Jason remake (my pick of course). But no one truly understood. Again, I didn’t even fully understand myself.

Cue 2012, and enter current hubby to be, slash, you know, life soul mate. After seeing the reaction to my owning the DVD of the original Last House on the Left, (which was less disturbance, and more excitement at this randomly cool girl), I had a feeling I may have just met my match. Ever since then we’ve been not only partners in crime, but partners in horror. He indulges my passion, even if it’s sometimes begrudgingly. If you find any similarly, horrific events happening to you, (in the best sense of the word of course), you probably fall somewhere on the spectrum and are therefore good in my book. For more ways to know if you should count yourself among other, serious horror movie fans, check out the below 10 signs.



1. Visiting the Psycho Barn on the MET rooftop is a must. 


2. The entertainment unit in your house looks something like this. 


3. This is your idea of Sunday Funday. (And you’ve spent entire weekends watching long documentaries on Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street) Crystal Lake Memories, Amazon.


4. The first Fear Fest in NYC tops your October to-do list. (Or, if there is a horror screening in your local hood, odds are, you’ll be there). 

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 1.27.50 AM

5. This Horror homage sweatshirt is a necessity. $38, at Skreened.com 


6. Chunks of October weekends are spent binge-watching every Jason, Freddy, and Chucky movie on AMC’s annual Fear Fest

7. This is just another Halloween party. 


Blood and Gore is the norm at Blood Manor

8. You want to name your child Gage


9. Your soulmate is also your horror partner in crime.

credit: Horror, Blood, Gore N MORE

10. Maybe just maybe you would live here

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 6.15.19 PM Click for more on the Amityville House for Sale

11. You definitely saw the skull image of Hurricane Matthew this month. 

hurricane-matthew cnn.com


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