13 Horror Movies to Watch Around NYC by Halloween

If you’re a mega horror fan like me than technically, every month is a good time to find horror movies to watch. However, to many people in this world, including horror fanatics, October truly is a special month. Kind of like our Christmas. We decorate, design, and devour everything from skulls, and spiderwebs to blood, gore, ghouls, and of course all of favorite scary, Halloween movies. From the sillier side of things (classics like Hocus Pocus, Monster Squad), to attending local, (or far away) horror film festivals, like the recent Brooklyn Horror fest. Halloween may only be three days away, (yay!) but that’s plenty of time to cram in some major movie watching, wherever you are. Especially in New York City where the variety of horror movies to watch before, and on Halloween is almost endless. Browse below and check out all the horror movies to watch around the city before and during the holiday.


1.Psycho for Hitchcocktober at City Cinemas. Some films are just meant for a big movie screen. The last movie in City Cinemas annual Hitchcocktober fest is also one of the coolest horror movies to watch in a theater. Head over to City Cinemas ON Halloween itself to catch this classic Hitchcock flick. Click here for tickets.

2. Classics like The Shining and Blair Witch Project are just a sampling of the horror movies to watch at the hip, throwback movie theater Videology in Brooklyn.

3. The Metrograph theater is New York City isn’t the first of its kind, but it is one of the coolest. The Lower East side spot shows classics, features screenings with Q& A’s, and includes monthly film series. Now, through November 1st they’re hosting a Stephen King series that includes showings of The Shining and Firestarter. Monday the 30th at 8:45 pm they host a viewing of the Crazies with an opening Q&A intro.

4. In addition to all the classic, older horror movies to watch this weekend, there are news ones to catch too. The anticipated new movie in the Saw series, Jigsaw hits theaters this weekend.

5. Film Noir Cinema is playing the original Frankenstein Saturday night complete with a live orchestra. Tickets are $20, available at the cinema only.

6. Catch the original (and can’t believe I have to say that) Poltergeist on Sunday at the Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn. Then go back for their Terror Tuesdays series. They’ll be celebrating Halloween with a showing of Hellraiser III.

7. Hit up Nitehawk Cinemas 5th annual A Night to Dismember. It’s on my bucket list personally. Basically an all night horror-movie-athon that starts at midnight, and ends at dawn, featuring five films. For serious Halloween lovers only.

8. The 2nd annual Fear NYC festival, (from the masters at Bloody Disgusting) is happening this weekend. In addition to an array of interesting, smaller horror movies, their Saturday panel discussion on the masters of horror at 1pm sounds like a standout.

9. The Video Revival Movie theater in Brooklyn is showing one of my favorites, Jason Takes Manhattan on Saturday night at 7 pm. Tickets are only $8.

10. IFC film Center. The NYC theater is practically an institution. At least to me. It’s the first place I ever saw a movie with my husband; a 12 am showing of Taxi Driver on our second date. It always hosts a series of interesting movies, but this weekend especially. Midnight showings include Psycho, and..Taxi Driver. They’re also showing cult classic favorite Hocus Pocus. (Obviously not a horror, but still a Halloween great).

11. Film Forum. You can see Vertigo on Halloween. Not just one of the best Hitchcock movies, but one of the best movies period. A must watch film, if you somehow have not already seen.

12. The Blood Brunch at Spectacle theater. Discovered this little theater in Williamsburg, Brooklyn from the Bk Horror Film festival. They host a bi monthly mystery and horror matinee movie marathon. It features different horror flicks from the 60’s through 90’s and you don’t know what you’re watching till you get there. Sounds like an awesome way to spend a Saturday to me. Tickets are a whopping $5.

13. Check out movies at the NYC Horror Film Festival. The 15th annual NYC horror event sounds like a weekend not to be missed. It also includes a honor to horror icon Brad Dourif.




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