12 days of Holiday Horror Movies streaming now

Every year, I secretly wonder if the holiday horror season is actually undercover, the best time for horror. I love Halloween as much as the next horror lover. It’s a season synonymous with ghosts, scary movies, things that go spook in the night. But what’s more horrific than someone watching you while you sleep? And knowing whether or not you behaved throughout the course of a year. Glowing Jack-o lanterns are cool. But do they really beat the cinematic neon glare of red, and green Christmas lights? Holiday horror movies streaming now, like Gremlins, or Black Christmas (’74) are classic, scary Christmas stories.

This horror deserves its recognition too, even to partake in those ubiquitous 31 days of horror challenges that dominate October every year.

Other holiday horror streaming now, beyond the known classics, also have more to offer. Despite most being less popular than Halloween horror films. But they have their own special appeal.

Plus, there’s something poetic about slashers in the snow.

I thought there weren’t any Christmas horror movies left to watch, but I was wrong. There are a few more, including some new ones, like Black Friday, and Silent Night. All here in time for the holiday season.

Starting today, (you know the historical date of December 14th) we celebrate with 12 days of holiday horror movies streaming now.

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Which holiday horror movies streaming now do you enjoy most?

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