The Bee-Five- 5 faBEElous obsessions this week

1) Fuel Juice Bar. Since as you know, I am on a never ending search for the perfect health smoothie, which recently has forged into the veggie smoothie category, I was so excited to finally walk into this place, after passing it for over a year. And I’m so glad I did, b/c as much as I hate buying my lunch, the  menu is amazing. Wraps, interesting salads, and amazing smoothies. I ordered the turbo charger a few days ago. The only downside- the menu is anxiety- inducing in it’s variety and substance. so Fuel up, ASAP!!! Click on the pic, to see full menu

2) Starbucks Iced Skim Lattes. A sure fire symbol that it is summer at work. A iced latte from Starbucks sitting, and sweating away on a coaster next to my never ending emails and post its.

3) Summer Birthdays. As June sets in, and the weather really warms up, what is apt to also follow every year is the flow of birthday parties soon to be upon my doorstep. Or in today’s world, my email. Summer is the time for good time occasions, as we all prepare to fill our respective calendars with brunches, dinners, roof-tops; some milestones, some pretending to be, of that inevitable transition from partly childish, to partly adult. Some justify this w/ 1 affair, and some decided long ago that ONE day of birth celebrating is not enough; but that really an entire month should be dedicated to doing so…. To those people I say… Grow up!!! : )  My run starts this Saturday night w/ one of my best friend’s 30th, and then doesn’t stop till the leaves turn brown again…

4) Tchotchkes

I decided this year that I was going to clear all the clutter from my life. Less Mess, Less fuss, a clean room is a clean mind, and though I haven’t quite fully gotten around to it, I have purged some stuff. Though the pack rat inside me lives on further, when I found this amazing item last week – oh lordy, I found the ultimate tchotchke: the onion holder. Essentially a plastic cup in the shape of an onion meant to — wait for it— store your cut onions—genius!!! And I had to go all the way to Mesa, Arizona to find it. So cute it makes me cry… hmm (More on my other finds in Mesa later)

5)Strawberry lemonade from Mcdonalds. #1, it’s absolutely delicious, # 2, it’s the new signature summer drink, as decided by me and my friend last week. There are only 2 very simple ingredients. One is the former mentioned, The other – vodka. Yummmm….  And clearly Mine is not the only obsession – click here for more on Yum Sugar

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