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The Holidays are almost here. Can you believe it? Where did the time go?

It’s the time of year when most families hit the road to visit other family, and friends. It’s known as the busiest travel time of the year, (for good reason obviously), which is why it is extra important to keep your loved ones safe during busy holiday travel.

According to AAA and IHS, over 98.6 million Americans traveled on long distance trips last year during the Holiday season. Many traveled from December 23rd to January 4th and this doesn’t include families traveling for Thanksgiving.

Many families that travel by air still need to rent a car, hop into a relative’s car or even take a cab to arrive at their final destination. But as parents, Do we really stop to think how safe traveling is for our children without the proper safety seats? It’s crucial that all children ages 4-11 use a car booster seat to ensure their safety while on the road traveling. It’s a proven fact that car booster seats improve a child’s safety by 59%.

With that being said, I want to introduce to you BubbleBum. The name kind of just makes you smile.

BubbleBum was founded and created by an Irish mom of two children. Through her own struggles while traveling and carrying around heavy boosters seats, she found a solution and BubbleBum was born. Now, BubbleBum is leading the way in ensuring that every child has a safe and comfortable booster seat on every car ride. It provides the perfect “boost” to help keep kids safe in the event of a motor accident. The boost prevents kids from slouching which is more likely to happen with flat car booster seats.


BubbleBum is an inflatable car booster seat that is the perfect travel companion for road trips, everyday use, vacations, cab rides, fly-ins, and more! Weighing in at less than one pound, BubbleBum can deflate in minutes which makes it simple to throw in a backpack or large purse. Traveling with more than one child? No problem. BubbleBum makes it possible to fit three boosters across the backseat of a car, minivan or SUV. Because of BubbleBum’s air-filled design and memory foam technology, it creates stability and structural integrity in the seat. It also has side positioners to correctly position the lap belt which provides extra comfort than a flat booster seat alternatives. BubbleBum will keep the kids comfortable and safe for all your long and short trip travels. You’ll be pleased to know that the BubbleBum inflatable car booster seat meets and exceeds all U.S. and Europe safety regulations and even in the deflated state.


BubbleBum recently conducted a survey of 500 adults between the ages of 25-55 years old via a Google consumer survey that disclosed some surprising statistics.

  • 32.8% of adults that were surveyed had to transport a child without a car booster seat. According to a survey by Safe Kids Worldwide, car crashes are the leading cause of death for children.
  • Only 15.9% of adults surveyed knew that car booster seats are specifically made to keep the lapbelt from rising up into the abdomen.
  • 31.3% of adults thought it was to keep the shoulder belt from strangling. 3.8% thought it was to help the child see out the window, 1.5% thought it was to keep the seat belt loose, 22.9% said all of these answers and 24.8% said none of these answers.
  • A majority of 64.1% adults who surveyed didn’t know that a car booster seat is “boosted up” to prevent a child from slouching to bend their legs over the edge of the car seat.
  • Of those surveyed, 47.9% thought a car booster seat is “boosted up” to help the child reach the headrest at a younger age, 6.7% thought it was so the child doesn’t climb out of the car easily and 9.6% thought it was so the child could see better.


Along with the inflatable car booster seat, BubbleBum offers travel accessories like Junkie and Sneck.


Junkie transforms your backseat in your car as it organizes and keeps all the kids things together. It’s secured by using the vehicles seat belt and folds back easily to store to the original size. It has retractable activity trays for snacks, two convenient cup holders and room for play. It also has a tech mount which allows your children to share one device as both can access and view together.


Sneck allows your children to sleep in comfort while still providing head and neck support. Since the pillow is filled with micro- beads, it provides a cozy place to lay their head while traveling by plane, car, train or bus.

Currently, you can find these great traveling essentials at your local Target or Walmart stores.

But one lucky reader has a chance to win them Plus have a chance to win an $100 Amazon Gift Card too!

That’s right this giveaway will have two lucky winners.

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    • BubbleBum was announced the IIHS (Insurance Institute of Highway Safety) “Best Bet” in their booster seat report for the last 3 years




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